Saturday, 27 April 2019

Why I Loved 'Fierce Fragile Hearts' by Sara Barnard

I have loved Sara Barnard's books since before her debut even hit the shelves, and now she is one of the UK's best YA authors. These days, I (very, very, very sadly) don't have time to read as much as I would like to, but of course I made time for the sequel to Barnard's first novel! Here's why I loved Fierce Fragile Hearts, Sara Barnard's latest.

1. Like I said in my review of Beautiful Broken Things, Barnard has a huge talent for making her characters realistic, flawed, believable, and like old friends. And this time, the characters we know and love have grown up! So much has changed since we last saw them, and catching up with Suzanne, Caddy and Rosie made Fierce Fragile Hearts into a comfort read.

2. It's not often we see young people working and living independently in YA books, and I really appreciate the fact that Suzanne brought this to the novel. It's something many young people have to do -- not everyone can live off their parents, or has the privilege of going to university. Suzanne having to fend for herself highlights an important part of life that is strangely glossed over in YA.

3. Good and accurate representation of mental illness can only ever be a good thing, and this is something Barnard has done in both books. Like my previous point, this again highlights a real-life problem of huge importance, and shows readers that you can get through it.

4. Friendship is still hugely celebrated, and even when times get tough, they're still there for each other at the end of the day.

5. And finally... Fierce Fragile Hearts has everything we could possibly have wanted from a sequel! It may focus on some hard-hitting themes, but that's part of why it's so lovable. It's still a satisfying, comforting read with our favourite characters moving on to the next chapter of their lives, and written in Barnard's rich, unflinching, entertaining style. I adored it and I hope you will too.

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