Saturday, 20 April 2019

48 Hours in Copenhagen, Denmark

Back in March, I saw an advert on Facebook for an app called LuckyTrip. (Before I go any further, I should probably tell you that this isn't sponsored and I have no affiliation with them at all.) Essentially, you put in your budget and the dates that you would like to go away - unless you're not tied down to a time, in which case they'll pick dates for you - and then you tap a button and, voila, a full package holiday has been picked out just for you. I was enjoying just tapping the 'lucky' button endlessly, seeing what was about, not really planning to book anything.

And then I saw a night away in Copenhagen for £60, flights and accommodation included. Reader, I booked that shit.

Also, yes, I FLEW. AGAIN. My fear seems to be well and truly conquered! (Touch wood.)

We flew with Ryanair which has a reputation as the shittest airline known to man, but I couldn't fault it. When we got to Copenhagen, we had a few hours before we could check-in to our accommodation, so we jumped straight into sightseeing. And damn, are there a lot of palaces in Copenhagen.

Our first stop was Amalienborg Palace. We didn't go in because, look, we're poor, but it was really pretty. Interestingly, it's a courtyard with four identical but separate palaces surrounding it, each belonging to a different member of the royal family.

Only a 20-minute walk away was Christiansborg Palace, which I actually found pretty disappointing. If it had been a sunny day, or maybe even nighttime, I think it would have looked much more impressive, but it was overcast and drizzly.

After that, I'm sure you'll agree that we shook things up massively by visiting a castle, not a palace. The grounds of Rosenborg Castle were photogenic, with manicured lawns, perfectly straight hedges, and lovely walks.

After that, we headed to our hostel. I had never stayed in one before, and to be honest, it wouldn't have been my first choice if this was a trip I had planned rather than spotted on an app, but it was fine. After all, it was one night in a private room, and the Downtown Hostel is known as the best in Copenhagen. We were barely there, anyway.

Approaching late afternoon, we went to our last stop of the day - the Rundetaarn, or the 'round tower'. It was cheap to enter and gave us great views of the city, even if it was raining!

The next morning, we checked out of the hostel and made our way to the Little Mermaid statue, a Copenhagen icon. It was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, so obviously being the literary nerd that I am, I had to see it.

And then we... went to Sweden? When another country is 5 miles and £20 away on the train, who can say no? So off we went to Malmö! We were only there for a couple of hours because we were aware of our impending flight home.

Back in Copenhagen, we visited the botanical gardens where we had a mooch around the Palm House, something I definitely recommend doing. It was beautiful and didn't cost a lot - plus, the tropical warmth was welcome after the cold winds and drizzle.

After this, we did some shopping, had a wander around the city, and made our way to Amager Beach, our last stop before we had to leave for the airport. Here we watched the sun set over the bridge to Sweden.

Despite it being such a short trip, we managed to do everything we wanted and more. It was such a chilled-out city, and the locals were more than happy to help when we needed it without us even having to ask (must've had serious tourist vibes).

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  1. These photos are amazing! I wish I could take a spontaneous trip like this! :)