Saturday, 9 March 2019

Ask Italian

I am a huge fan of Italian food, and I imagine that when I finally get to go to actual Italy I'll put on about 3 stone. For now though, while I'm stuck in the UK, my favourite Italian restaurant is most definitely Ask Italian.

I've been to Ask Italian a countless number of times, and the food has always been impeccable. My first visit was actually in Birmingham, when I met up with my friend Charli before going to see Lorde. We couldn't decide which delicious-sounding dessert to have, so we ordered a couple and split them both. That's the way to go, people, I'm telling you.

My next visit was in Bury St. Edmunds meeting my boyfriend's mum for the first time, and after that I can't remember any of my visits being particularly important occasions but I can tell you that I've been to bloody loads: Norwich, Manchester, the O2, Spring Street, Grafton Way... writing this list, I'm starting to think I should maybe lay off the spaghetti a bit...

Pfft, not a chance.

To start, I have the Spinach and Ricotta Arancini (£5.95), which are crispy and smoky risotto balls served with a spicy tomato dip. Seriously, I always get this. I think I went to Ask Italian around Halloween once so they were doing a slightly different version - pumpkin, maybe? - but I still got it to no one's surprise. I have a drink with this, of course - their Traditional Still Lemonade (£2.60) is my favourite.

For my main course, I've only ever had the Spaghetti Al Pomodoro (£8.50), delicious spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce with Santos tomatoes, garlic and basil, and fresh mozzarella. That's not to say other dishes don't tempt me, because trust me they SO do, but what if I order something new and don't like it, therefore miss out on my favourite meal ever? Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this dilemma in restaurants.

I don't mind risking a change when it comes to dessert, and I'll often try something new. My all-time favourite is their Chocolate Etna (£6.95). Are you ready for this? It's a scoop of vanilla gelato on top of a hot chocolate fondant, hidden in a delicate dark chocolate shell which melts when the waiter pours hot toffee sauce over it in front of your very eyes. I'm actually salivating just thinking about it. Another dessert I want to try is the Baked Chocolate Gnocchi (£5.95), filled with Nutella and served with chocolate sauce. Hoooooly shit.

As well as the consistently beautiful food, I love their restaurant interiors, and so does my Instagram. The service is usually good too, although we have had a couple of very minor issues that were never food related, and even these were very quickly rectified. All in all, I highly recommend Ask Italian for lunch or dinner, and across all of the restaurants I have visited the quality has been consistently high. Ask Italian does it right.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some daydreaming to do about their desserts...

Have you been to Ask Italian? What do you recommend?

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