Saturday, 16 February 2019

New York Diaries: Day 5

Thursday began with the Flatiron building, built to fit an accidental triangular gap in New York's grid system. Coincidentally, the Flatiron building is on the same street as an IHOP, and we just so happened to be there in time for brunch. INTERESTING. Not planned at all. 👀

After that, we did a bit of shopping. I had a look in Bath and Body Works (which in my opinion did not live up to the hype...), Victoria's Secret, and Century 21. Oh my god, Century 21. Why don't we have this in the UK? It's like T.K. Maxx but actually good! I got a Tommy Hilfiger jumper reduced from roughly $60 to $29.99 (£22) and a Michael Kors jumper down from $80 to $20 (approx. £14), as well as a couple of Christmas presents. I also went in a Target which was basically all of my dreams come true. Does anyone else obsess over foreign supermarkets when on holiday or is that just me?

Might also have bought half a kilo of Reese's. But moving on.

Central Park was beautiful, and I liked it even more than I thought I would. It was a crisp Autumn day: the leaves were orange, the sky was blue, and I bought a fresh pretzel which I had one bite of because I realised I like how they look, not how they taste. RIP.

One thing that made me sad was seeing all of the horses pulling carts of tourists. The horses are treated so appallingly. Yes, I would have loved to see Central Park from a horse and cart, but I can't support it when they are so blatantly abused and neglected.

After this, we went to the Friends apartment. This is the exterior used in the TV series - I believe the interior was filmed in a studio elsewhere. How you doin'?

Next we went to see the Chrysler building, as well as Times Square again to get some final souvenirs. (I got an I ♥️ NYC t-shirt but I only sleep in it so it's fine, right?) Some guy tried to shove a CD into our hands, and when we blanked him he assured us that he wasn't a drug dealer, so that was nice. A good moment to set off for The Cheesecake Factory a nice 7 miles away in Elmhurst, I'm sure you'll agree...

Oh my god. The Cheesecake Factory. PLEASE can we get it in England. I had the Reese's cheesecake which was 1,500 beautiful calories. 10/10 would eat again.

And then we made the long-ass trek back to New Jersey... check back soon for our last day (sob).

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