Saturday, 2 February 2019

New York Diaries: Day 3

Welcome to the next post in my New York Diaries! Day 3 was Tuesday, and it was probably our busiest day. We began with the High Line, a 1.5-mile elevated urban park on a former railway track. We enjoyed the walk and the opportunity to see the city from a different angle. The four different lenses we had between us were also very pleased...

That morning, I had Googled 'best donuts in NYC' because, duh, donuts. And Google did not disappoint. Now in Chelsea, we headed to The Donut Pub, a 24-hour donut haven. To be honest, they're referred to everywhere online as the best donuts in NYC, but I could've been in Gregg's... maybe it's just their opening hours that's the novelty?

After that, we had a little look at Times Square - namely, M&M's World, which is way better than the horrific one we have in London. It was only a short visit as we knew we would be coming back the next day, so our next mission was to zip straight to the top of the Empire State Building. It was surprisingly quick to get to the 102nd floor, and the views were beautiful.

At this point it was coming up to 3pm, and we decided to get the cable car across Manhattan Bridge to Roosevelt Island to do something slightly less tourist-y. By which I mean we went to an abandoned smallpox hospital. As you do.

Roosevelt Island is also a great place to go for a stunning view of New York's skyline. As is Brooklyn Bridge, which we walked along next... Jesus Christ, do not stray into the cycle lane, whatever you do.

This was definitely our longest day, so dinner and bed was warmly welcomed. For dinner we went to Pasta E Vino in Jersey City near our apartment, having seen it on our journeys in and out of state. Guys, it was the best spaghetti EVER. Why does my new favourite restaurant have to be 3,457 miles away? (And why did I feel the need to Google the exact number?)

Next up: Wednesday, our fourth day, and it was a pretty important one. (No, I'm not engaged. I'm like, twelve.)

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