Sunday, 6 January 2019

Kew Gardens Light Trail | #ChristmasAtKew

How did you spend New Year? On New Year's Eve I had to be up at 5:45am for a nine-hour shift, which meant I promptly fell asleep at 9:30pm like the lightweight I am. Set an alarm though so I still woke up briefly enough to watch the London fireworks -- just. On New Year's Day we had tickets for the light trail at Kew Gardens, so after a lie-in and a Quorn sausage roll and Pringles for breakfast (I clearly don't give a shit about January's weight-loss culture) we headed out.

I'd heard of Kew Gardens before. Obviously. But it wasn't until October last year that I heard about their famous trail of lights. We actually managed to bag the very last tickets which I was so happy about, as not realising how popular it was, we'd left it very late to book. When we arrived, despite knowing how hard it'd been to grab tickets, I was surprised by how busy it was. Crowds and crowds of families kept appearing out of nowhere. It was so beautiful, though.

I can see this becoming a yearly tradition. I'm going to be really millennial here and say it's an Instagrammer's dream, but also it's a wonderful sight to see for anyone. There were visitors of all ages walking the trail, carrying a cup of mulled wine, or warm apple juice, or steaming hot chocolate, or a homemade mince pie... and at the very end, an amazing and intricate light show somehow projected onto a fountain of water and the iconic Victorian glasshouse.

Halfway around, there was also a 'wishing tree' with brown tags and string on which to write wishes and tie to the tree. I wished for myself, my family and my friends to be happy and healthy, because that's all that matters, innit? (And I'm just a cliche. Clearly.)

Afterwards, frozen to the bone but rosy-cheeked and fuelled with festivities, we warmed ourselves up in the tearoom with slices of Red Velvet and Cherry Bakewell. I also wanted to buy a jar of their apple, plum and pear jam but I exercised some restraint...

Despite only being a mile long, it took us a couple of hours to get around, and it was definitely worth the admission price. I can't wait to go again to welcome in 2020, but before then, I'll definitely be making a visit this summer, too. ❤

Have you ever been to Kew Gardens?

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  1. This was absolutely beautiful and lovely! And also it sounds super cozy too despite the crowd.