Friday, 28 December 2018

Winter Wonderland Preview Night 2018

I hate winter. I hate when it gets so cold that your entire body tenses for so long that it aches. And although I don't hate it, I dread Christmas, too - yay, working in retail! The only place that can make me feel even slightly festive is Winter Wonderland, an annual event in London's Hyde Park that is usually open from mid-November to 6th January. I first visited last year and had the best time, although it was so busy that I remember being disappointed that we didn't get to see or do everything.

This year I was lucky enough to attend the preview on the night before it opened to the public, which meant that the numbers were much, much lower and the queues were shorter. Entry is always free, but there are pre-bookable attractions that cost such as the ice rink, the immersive cinema, the Magical Ice Kingdom, ice sculpting workshops, and more. For that evening only, though, attractions and rides were free!

Our first stop was Wilde Maus XXL. Anyone who knows me will know that rollercoasters freak me out big time, and I will only go on ones that fit my criteria - no loops, no upside down bits, no scary surprises - which are then excellently known as 'Ambercoasters'. I thought this one would be okay. But guys. You're forced through a fun house (why are they called fun houses when they're not fun??) before you can get on, and there's no railings so it felt like I would fall off the edge. I'm not really a coaster person, can you tell? (Part of me enjoyed it. A very, very, very tiny smithereen.)

We also enjoyed just looking at everything, because the set up of Winter Wonderland is really beautifully done. We had a go at some of the fairground games, Alex went on something that was not an Ambercoaster (the Olympia Looping, for anyone interested) and I got some delicious NUTELLA DONUTS. Hell to the yes.

And then I had Nutella and Maltesers mini pancakes.

And also a gourmet vegan hotdog that cost more than I earn per hour. It was good, though.

I also got a couple of Christmas presents from the Christmas market and had a wander around the Bavarian village, before going on the dodgems 7 times in a row... believe it or not it was my first time. Turns out I enjoy it.

It must have been approximately -1000°C but it was a lovely evening. You've still got a week left if you want to check it out yourself.

Have you been to Winter Wonderland before?

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