Wednesday, 13 June 2018

An 'Old English Company' Haul

One of my favourite things to do is decorate. I love interior design and always have (although if you asked me to design your house, I don't think I could. Sims, though? Hell ya.) My room has been through a few phases over the years: pink and purple, then just purple, then completely mismatched and crap and annoying, then covered in High School Musical and Harry Potter posters simultaneously... and now? Just how I like it. So when Old English Company got in touch, I was like hello beautiful shop of my soul, where have you been all my life? LOOK AT THE PRETTIES.

'Good Morning My Love' coaster: £2.95 | 'You Are My Sunshine' card: 50p (usually £2.50) | 'I Like You A Lot' card: £2.95 | 'Glad We're A Thing' card: £1.75 | 'Hello' card: 50p (usually £2.50)

Welcome to my beside table. I cannot go to bed without my phone, a book, and a drink. Unfortunately, this last one doesn't quite go with the fact that the table itself is white and that its owner is accident-prone. I don't know how long that coaster will last in the presence of moi, but it's very cute.

I've got two drawers which you can't see, and the top one is filled with greetings cards for all occasions, from birthdays and Christmas to cards that simply say I'm proud of you or that I appreciate you. These ones are the perfect addition to my collection. Beautiful typography? Check. Foil? Check. Smidgen of my favourite colour, which I'm sure you can't possibly guess...? Check.

I bloody love a good handwritten letter or card. I still have a box under my bed of letters that I've received from friends over the years, going right back to 2008... there's some questionable stuff in there, let's just leave it at that.

ANYWAY. I also really like unusual wrapping paper, and these three are so me. Can you tell I like showing my appreciation for people? *hoards all the greetings cards*

Gift wrap: £1.75 each | New York print: £21 | Shakespeare print: £13.95

Finally, I picked two art prints, another of my obsessions. The first is New York made up of its place names in beautiful gold foil. I chose this one (there were other locations) in anticipation of my trip in October, which has been a long time coming. The second is a Shakespeare quote: 'I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it.' For years I wasn't happy with my room, but I'm finally there.

Thank you so much to Old English Company for letting me loose in your wonderful store and I have absolutely no doubt that I will be returning as a customer at some point. The quality is great, the prices are reasonable, they ship worldwide, not to mention their massive range of pretty things. If you like Oliver Bonas or Sighh Designs, this may well be your kind of thing too. ❤

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