Monday, 19 March 2018

24 Hours in Edinburgh

On my list of 2018 goals, I said I wanted to return to Paris, as well as to see Edinburgh, Brighton, New York and Amsterdam for the first time. Paris and New York have been booked (I KNOW) and I went to Brighton in mid-February. Amsterdam... who knows when that'll happen. And Edinburgh happened this week!

We only went for one night, but that's alright - it was nice to get away from real life for a little while, and it means we have an excuse to come back. After a four-and-a-half hour train journey (which was fine, because we stocked up on Pringles, chocolate, biscuits and sandwiches like some kind of Enid Blyton novel) we got to the hotel at half two, and went straight out to Arthur's Seat. The weather wasn't amazing but the view was still incredible and I think we both made up for all the (glorious) crap we'd eaten. 76 floors, my phone tells me. 22,000 steps. 9 miles. It's all good in the hood.

In the short time that we were there, we...

  • Climbed 822 feet.
  • Went to Primark. Obviously.
  • Which is good because I slipped over in some mud and spent 40 minutes previous to that looking like I'd had a rather aggressive brown accident.
  • Alex took us off the path as a 'shortcut'. Meanwhile I was starting to think we would have to feast on tiny lost children for survival, but then I remembered I'm vegetarian so would just have to eat grass and non-existent berries, and I said that Alex might have to eat me but we decided he wouldn't. So that's nice.

  • Went back to the hotel so I could stop looking like I'd had an accident (a shitcident, if you will.)
  • Walked another couple of miles even though our legs were burning because we needed Gourmet Burger Kitchen and we couldn't be bothered to work out buses. Millennial, or making the most of the short time we had for sightseeing? You decide.
  • Visited Edinburgh Castle and their weirdly massive gift shop where I bought a tacky magnet because needs must.
  • Made the mutual decision that we were definitely 'abroad' despite not crossing a sea.

 See you again, Edinburgh. ❤

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  1. Glasgow next, no? And next time you're over the border do holler!
    Also Wigtown at the end of September needs to go on your list ;)