Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Paris Diaries: Day 4

And so we come to the end of our travels... click here to read about day 3!

The last day was so chilled. We didn't leave the apartment until the early afternoon, when we grabbed brunch from a nearby crêperie which turned out to be the best place ever. It was tucked away down a non-touristy side-street and it felt like we'd come across a hidden gem. I had a crêpe filled with creamed potatoes and French onion, and then shared a chocolate and cinnamon crêpe for dessert. 13/10 would go again.

Unfortunately I managed to leave the apartment with a dead camera so the following photos are from my phone...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Paris Diaries: Day 3

Click here to read about Day 2.

Our third day began with toast and a trip to the Picasso museum. Picasso is my favourite artist so we had to go there. Plus, because France appears to be a country that gives back to its young people as opposed to rinsing them of thousands like some countries I could mention, we got into the museum as well as most other attractions - like the Louvre - for free.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Paris Diaries: Day 2

Read about the first day here.

Having had takeaway Pizza Hut the night before, we made up for it on our first morning by going to a nearby cafe for breakfast and ordering croissants. We also walked around with neon 'tourist' signs on our foreheads...

The second day of the trip was our busiest. In the morning we jumped back on the Metro and visited the Louvre... because how could we not? We didn't have long and only stayed for a couple of hours, which was just enough time to see the Mona Lisa and grab the biggest macaron you ever did see.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Paris Diaries: Day 1

Long time no see! I'm on a blogging break, but like I said in my announcement post, there are a few things I want to tell you about. First thing's first: I fled the country and ticked Paris off my bucket list.

I've been trying to go for my birthday for the past few years, but things kept happening: work, money, my health went downhill, and then we had illness in the family. But in July this year, everything came together and I finally got it booked for 22nd-25th October with a couple of friends. Not my birthday, but close enough.

We stayed in an AirBnB (this one!) for the first time and I can't recommend it enough. They're often cheaper than hotels, you get an entire home or apartment, and depending on who you book with, you may get to meet the owner of the place and get some personal recommendations, too. Our apartment wasn't in the centre or on the outskirts - in other words, close enough to the tourist attractions by Metro to not be annoying, but far enough away that I'm pretty sure we were the only English people around. It was tucked away in a rustic-looking courtyard with yellow shutters, balconies, and spiral wooden stairs which had the quiet atmosphere of a church and which were a pain to walk up with our suitcases. But hey, we were in Paris!