Tuesday, 15 August 2017

In Photos: Wandering Around Shoreditch With a Camera and a Bag Full of Onion Rings

I mean, that's literally what we did for hours. What else was I supposed to call this post?

On Wednesday 9th August, I finally got to meet one of my oldest blogging friends, Hawwa. Back in the day, she'd email me under the code-name Jazz and fangirl over my hair. Six years later, we're actual friends, she's long since revealed her actual name to me, and she wouldn't be caught dead fangirling over anything to do with me even if you offered her a hundred quid. You can see a brief history of our 'friendship' (online annoyance might be a better term?) here.

We had a very ~aesthetic~ day. If you can't hipster in Shoreditch (that's in London, for any of my far away readers), where can you hipster, am I right kids?

I desperately wanted this t-shirt, but I didn't desperately want the comments I knew it would attract if I wore it out. Yay, society.

After Spitalfields Market, we went for burgers (GBK, obvs) before heading to a mosque so Hawwa could pray, and then we found Brick Lane and got snap happy. I love graffiti when it's well done. Maybe controversially (?) I think the streets need more of it. More art can only ever be a good thing, right?

 And then we went... somewhere. I don't know. Google Maps wasn't working for either of us so we just walked and ended up under a bridge by some awesome community gardens. So many Instagram opportunities, guys. So many.

After that, we headed to the British Library - I wrote a love letter to it the first time I visited; that's how cool it is. Hawwa had never been before, though, so we went. We were going to get one of their amazing brownies to share, too, but they'd ran out. I MISS YOU, BEAUTIFUL BROWNIE.

I'm hoping that next time I see Hawwa, it'll be nearer her, in Manchester. *eyes motorway suspiciously*

Have you met any of your 'online' friends?


  1. Ahh your photos are so gorgeous! It sounds like you guys had a lovely time.

    I haven't met any of my online friends in person yet, I hope to one day, though! :)