Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How to Feel More Included in the Blogosphere

Being a new blogger can be hard. It's like that first day of school where everyone else seems to have their friendship groups sorted and you're not sure where, or if, you'll fit in. And like school, the blogosphere is full of unspoken rules. It's a hard one to navigate, that's for sure, and seeing as I've been kicking about for a while in this glittery community of greatness, I thought I'd put together a list of ways you can feel more included.

The first thing you can do is forget your shyness. Jump right in and talk to people! It can be a bit awkward just tweeting someone out of the blue and saying hello, which is one of the reasons Twitter chats are so great. Take #teenbloggerschat for example, which is over at @TeenBloggersGR every Sunday at 7pm UK time. I help to run it. Each week has a theme - past topics include exam stress, books, and politics - and for the next hour from our main account we ask questions relating to that topic, which everyone then answers using the hashtag. It makes socialising that little bit less awkward, because loads of people are in the same place, talking about the same things, and there's so many of us you're more than likely to have something in common with people. I've made lots of new blogging friends through this! Other chats you can get involved in are #SundayYA and #BlogosphereChat.

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It also helps to comment on other blogs. Even if you don't get replies, after a few comments the blogger is sure to start recognising your name and may eventually search out your own blog. Actually, this is the same on all social media - interacting doesn't have to be by talking (though that is best!) Simply following, liking and retweeting regularly does exactly the same thing, and we're a friendly bunch. If you're a book blogger, following publishers and publicists isn't a bad idea, either - they always have fun book news to share!

Another idea might be to host a giveaway. Not everyone can, and I completely understand that - I haven't done a giveaway in ages. If you can, though, it can certainly help to get you some new followers... and if they stick around, you may well make some new friends, too.

Furthermore - and this is something I didn't realise until I'd already been blogging for seven years because I'm SO observant - is that there are so many bloggers in the world that you probably share a town with one, or at least a county! I know a handful of bloggers and vloggers who live around here and even though some of us have still never met, it's nice to know that not everything happens in London... because it sure feels like it, sometimes.

Along with that - book events! These are great places not only to meet fellow bloggers but also authors you admire. YALC is a big one, and ordinary bookshop events are great too - after all, you're in a room full of like-minded people!

Oldies - what tips do you have for becoming included in the blogosphere? Newbies - drop your links in the comments, I'd love to see your blogs!


  1. These are all great tips! I've been blogging for 2 years now, but I still kinda feel like an outside, mostly because I'm so bad at reaching out.

  2. My blog has been up for like six months. But I'm still barely posting anything. Haha. I'm starting to get back into the groove of things though since school has finished. It's summer here so I have plenty of time. But then laptop broke. Ughhhh.
    Here's the link to my blog! :)