Saturday, 24 June 2017

EVENT RECAP: The Blogosphere Blog Awards 2017

I stopped reading magazines a few years ago. I was sick of the rotated content, the amount of hypocrisy that could be found in one issue alone, the constant feeling of being told what to do and how to look. Then I found Blogosphere Magazine, possibly the only physical publication for bloggers, and it quickly became the only magazine I ever bother buying.

That's why I was hugely excited when, earlier this year, I woke up to a tweet from them saying that I was shortlisted for Book Blogger of the Year in their inaugural #BlogosphereBlogAwards! Apparently there had been a nominating process beforehand but it seemed I'd missed it completely, so it was a massive surprise. To be nominated along with approximately 6,000 other blogs and then shortlisted with just four other people is mad, really.

Thursday evening came around and it was time for the awards ceremony! After a nightmare train journey, because we all know it only takes a slight change in the weather for our public transport to come to an immediate standstill, I ended up being the first person to arrive because I am literally the least cool person to ever exist. I was THAT person. But it was alright, because I got to chat to Albertine, Blogosphere's Editorial Assistant, and have a few snaps on the red carpet and by the flower wall (!) while things were pretty chill.

It was so beautiful inside, and someone said to me that it looked like a wedding. It really did! Ambient pink and blue lighting, a free bar, four white tables with beautiful pink flower arrangements, and a silent video montage on the wall which showed various shoots and behind-the-scenes clips, and highlighted how far the magazine has come in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, GIFT BAGS. You'll see inside those later, don't worry.

I sat with the lovely Heather from Digital Fluidity, and Jasmin from Just Lovely Little Things. It was so great to meet them, and the event as a whole made me realise how small the book blogging community is in relation to the entire blogosphere. I think Heather and Jasmin might actually be the first bloggers I've met from another niche?!

The team from Social Pantry served dinner, which was much appreciated. If someone could let me know how to recreate those glazed tomato and garlic pesto tarts, and possibly the pea, parmesan and mint arancini, that would be most excellent. Just saying.

Meanwhile, the awards were being announced by the magazine's Editor, Alice Audley, who is actual career goals. And dress goals. And everything goals.

For a list of the winners, check out @BlogosphereM on Twitter, or make sure to grab a copy of the next issue when it comes out in September. Unfortunately I wasn't crowned Book Blogger of the Year, and this went to the very deserving Little Novelist.

We were also treated to an amazing performance by Andrea Di Giovanni, and I'll be getting all the music of his I can find as soon as I finish this blog post! Definitely recommend checking him out.

Now for a haul courtesy of the award sponsors... I won't talk about everything because that would take approximately 78 years, but I'm very excited to try the primer as I've heard lots of good things about that brand. The tangle teezer, shockingly, is my first one - it's been hyped for SO long, but I never understood how all that praise could possibly be true. However, on having a go with it for the first time, I understood. It literally eliminates tangles with no pain. I don't get it but I love it (and it's shiny, hello.) I also like the look of the lipstick, which I'm looking forward to trying.

All in all, a lovely evening! This was my first Blogosphere Magazine event (they host quite a few throughout the year) and I'll definitely be going to another at some point. Thank you so much to whoever nominated me to be shortlisted, and whoever voted for me to be the overall winner. It didn't happen but it really, really means a lot, and apparently it was very close!

Instead of vlogging the day, I documented the event on my Instagram story. Watch that here!


  1. I've not seen what was inside the goody bags yet, but wow they look incredible! Congrats on being shortlisted, you must've been so so happy, eeek.

    Steph -

  2. It looks like you had a great time! I really want to go to a blogging event but there's nothing around where I love! :)