Tuesday, 6 June 2017

11 Reasons I Loved Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse

Title: Seven Days of You
Author: Cecilia Vinesse
Published by: Hachette Children's Group
Publication date: 9th March 2017
Pages: 321
Genres: Young Adult/Contemporary/Romance/Travel
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Sophia has spent her life ping-ponging between different countries and schools so saying goodbye to Tokyo - her home for the last few years - should be easy. But then Jamie shows up. He and Sophia used to be friends... and his return stirs up feelings she thought she'd forgotten.

Suddenly, hours and minutes become meaningless. Only time spent together, exploring the hidden streets of the city they love, is real.

If these are going to be her last seven days in Tokyo, Sophia's going to make them count.

1) I made the mistake of starting this the evening before a full day of volunteering, and stayed up far too late because I couldn't put it down... no regrets, though.

2) Seven Days of You is set in Tokyo, aka the coolest place ever. Tokyo's eclecticism makes the perfect backdrop for a city adventure.

3) In this book, fans of Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, and Katie M. Stout will find their new favourite read... 

4) And a new book boyfriend: Jamie Foster-Collins.

5) Sophia, Mika, David, Caroline and Jamie all have lots going on, and it all receives equal attention. Vinesse nails the complications of teenage relationships.

6) In fact, some of it was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT relatable. This bit is me. Everyone I've sent it to agrees.

7) It was laugh-out-loud funny, and - clearly - the voice was spot on...

8) I am a huge fan of books set in faraway places I've never encountered, and Seven Days of You definitely ticked my 'wanderlust' box. Someone take me to Tokyo, please (but really gradually with lots of short flights because I am not getting in a flying death container for, like, 16 hours straight.)

9) Despite only being set over seven days, the book packs so much in, and it's easy to feel like you are in Tokyo. (Especially if you are literally reading it in Tokyo.)

10) It's one of those books that will immediately have you yearning for a sequel. So, um... just saying. *hopeful face*

11) Basically, Seven Days of You has everything you could possibly want from a YA contemporary, neatly wrapped in Vinesse's skillful writing. If you're in need of some escapism, I highly recommend this.

Have you read Seven Days of You? Do you think you will?


  1. Hi - long time - but U shud be revising & early to bed - still not finished exams ! Just quick question - are 2 of above clips from Gilmore Girls? Smell book & All to Read. Anyway Good post. Expect longer msg after final exam. John

  2. I enjoyed reading your review and now I'm sold on the idea of reading this book. I really want to go to Japan one day and I love Stephanie Perkin's books so I think I'll enjoy this book.