Monday, 24 April 2017

The Day I Became a (Temporary) Food Blogger

Last week, I was gifted a Gousto box to review, so today I'm becoming a temporary food blogger and showing you my loot. I love food and I love post, so this was an excellent delivery to receive, especially as it arrived along with my exam timetable... *panics*

Gousto is a website founded by a group of chefs who pick a bunch of recipes each week, and from those, subscribers can pick the ones they like the sound of and have the ingredients and instructions delivered to their door. (If you're not in to take the delivery, your food won't get ruined because there's a handy cool bag in the box.) They only send the amount you need for the meal/s you've chosen, and packaging is minimal, limiting waste. That also means that you'll get cute, tiny portions of things. LOOK AT THE TINY MAYONNAISE. I can't be the only one who loves tiny versions of normal-sized things, right...?

The first meal I picked was feta and sweet potato taquitos for two:

 And the second meal was Tuscan panzanella salad with mozzarella, again for two:

How good does all of this look? Opening it felt like Christmas, despite it being a sunny spring day. I should probably add here that you can get meat dishes, too, but I'm a life-long Pescatarian, hence my choices!

I include myself in this when I say that no one in my household is very imaginative when it comes to meal ideas (they won't mind me saying that, I don't think...) so being able to pick from a range of imaginative recipes was awesome. I don't usually like cooking as I'm far too impatient, and - guilty as charged - I'm definitely all about convenience. My dyscalculia makes the measuring aspect of cooking quite difficult and stressful, too, which doesn't help. But I actually really enjoyed cooking these meals! The fact that I already had the correct quantities, along with step-by-step instructions, was very much appreciated, and I felt like I'd achieved something each time, because as I said, I'm usually the one who eats the food, not the one who makes it...

The bit you're all wondering about: the finished meals tasted lovely and, thanks to the recipe cards which come with the ingredients, I'll definitely be making them again (the second one without mozzarella, I think.) Both have become family favourites!

This box was kindly gifted to me with no obligation to post about it but, once I saw the contents, I was itching to take some photographs. And then, well... here we are! If you'd like to try Gousto, use the code TORNADO to get a £20 discount on each of your first and second orders.

So, a bit of a different post today, but I hope you liked it!

Do you like cooking? Do you have any veggie meal ideas?

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