Friday, 3 February 2017

A Very Quick Visit to the British Library

I don't know if you've noticed, but 99% of the time my posts are scheduled to automatically publish at 1:30am (if you're wondering why I picked that time, I discuss it here.) I never actually write the posts at 1:30am... except today. Good morning!

A few hours ago, I got back from a quick-ish trip to London in which I went to the YouTube Space and ate far too much pizza. It was awesome, and I got to take my best friend who doesn't blog or have much in the way of social media, but she's obsessed with YouTube, so it was nice to be able to take her with me. Before YouTube, though, we killed some time at the British Library... and wowwww, what a place it is.

I immediately fell in love with the place, and found myself completely in awe. How had I never been?

We only got to see the Sir John Ritblat Treasures exhibition. This is mainly because we only had 40 minutes to spare which is nowhere near enough time, but also because I wasn't 100% sure where we were actually allowed to go... they're pretty tight on security, and I've heard horror stories of being interrogated with a billion questions just to get a reader pass, so... ain't nobody got time for that. I mean, we literally didn't.

I feel like it would be an amazing and inspiring place to go and write. I wish it was close enough for me to spontaneously decide to go and make progress on my 'novel' (ha, as if) there. That's the thing about London - I wouldn't want to live there (I like fields too much) but a second home or something would be useful. I'd go to aaallll the book events/museums/galleries/EVERYTHING. One day, when I win the lottery...

It was a good taster, though, and I fully intend to go back in a few weeks. I just can't believe I'd never been before, especially considering the fact that it's the second largest library in the world and it's right next to King's Cross station, which is how I come into the city most of the time. Like, it's right there. The amount of times I must have walked past and not even noticed it is insane - but that's London for you, full of obvious secrets that really aren't secrets at all and only seem secret because we're always rushing.

I sneakily left a copy of Holly Bourne's Am I Normal Yet? I love leaving spare copies of books in public places for people to find and keep. I always include my Twitter handle in case whoever finds it wants to let me know, but I've never had anything. I live in hope. (I promise I have a life. Kind of.)

Anyway. 'Tis 2am. I should probably sleep (and inevitably dream about working in the British library, or going there to casually write an award-winning novel. Sigh.)

Have you ever been to the British Library?


  1. Hi Amber

    I'll actually be visiting the U.K. next week for my uni interviews. I think the British Library is a worthwhile stop, after seeing your post.

    All the best

  2. I have an embarrassing story about me and British Library Security.

    I had a meeting in London with important health executives, so I was all dressed up, and I also had to be in Leeds the next day, so I had a suitcase with my clothes and essentials packed for a night away. We had some time to kill so I suggested the British Library, as I'd never been and it seemed suitably cultured. We went in and, of course, my suitcase got searched.

    So here I was standing in front of these health professionals while security went through my suitcase. I'd not gotten used to staying away from my family yet, so discovered in my suitcase, along with all the people I was trying to impress, was a 33 year old cuddly bunny that I'd had since I was born, that was keeping me company on my nights away!

    Thankfully the people I was with were nice enough not to say anything!