Thursday, 17 November 2016

EVENT REPORT: European Premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

On 13th October, I tweeted this:

Exactly three weeks later, I received an invite to the European premiere of the latest film from the wizarding world, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, starring Eddie Redmayne.

Just because a dream is unrealistic doesn't mean it can't come true.

I was given an extra ticket, so obviously I messaged Holly and asked if she wanted to be my +1. If you don't know Holly, she's a book blogger I've been talking to for about four years now, and she is the biggest Harry Potter fan you will ever meet. Seriously, it's her life. We'd never met before due to her living at the other end of the country, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

On Tuesday 15th November, we made our separate journeys to London and met at St Pancras, ready for what was sure to be an interesting evening. Getting to Leicester Square, we were a little early, so we headed to Burger King where I panic-bought two portions of fries. For myself. Good times.

Then we made our way to a posh hotel to collect our tickets and oh my god it was fancy. Both of us said that we felt very out of place. It was one of those dark, shiny buildings with quirky decorations, low lighting and mirrored walls. We had a go in a photobooth, which was an entire room rather than a booth, and had touchscreen walls and a disco ball.

The lift, which we shared with a bunch of YouTubers I admire but was too surprised to talk to, was lined with black satin.

Everyone was very sparkly. I was in a £9 dress from Forever 21. Always keeping it real, me.

And then it was time for the red carpet. Which was actually blue. Good thing I didn't wear my other dress (a navy-blue velvet bodycon) or I would have blended in...

It was insane. The only other premiere I've ever been to, Divergent, was busy and amazing and surreal - but this was a whole new ballgame; you can see that in my vlog of the day, which I'll share below. There were shouts and screams from every direction, a red carpet triple the length of a normal one, and huge temporary walls meaning no one except those invited and those who had been lucky enough to get a spot at the barrier could see. Oh and, y'know, Queen J.K. Rowling IN MY BREATHING SPACE SHARING THE SAME OXYGEN.

Holly cried. I didn't because I'm as collldddd as ice, I'm willing to sacrifice our love. You never take advice, someday you'll pay the price... It's a song. Never mind. Moving on.

The film, although difficult to follow in some places, was incredible. Redmayne made the perfect Newt, and this new franchise so far has definitely managed to retain the Potter magic we all know and love. It's funny, more so than the Harry Potter films, and boasts the perfect combination of comedy and action. You should definitely go to see it when it's out in the UK tomorrow (I am!) or immediately, if you're in a country where it's already been released. Scrap your plans. Go.

Thank you so much to the people who invited me, and to Holly for coming, because it's always lovely to meet a far-flung Internet buddy and it wouldn't have been nearly as fun on my own. Plus, I'm pretty sure she would have killed me if she hadn't been able to make it herself. So...

Watch my vlog of the day below. I managed to do a lot of public vlogging, which is something I really struggle with, so I'm kinda proud of it and would love for you to give it a watch.


  1. 'she is the biggest Harry Potter fan you will ever meet. Seriously, it's her life.' AMBER YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL.

  2. This event looked sooooo fantastic! Glad you had a great time! :)