Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Weekend Away in Photos

On Friday, we set off for a quick weekend away before the craziness of a new school year (and potential new job...?) could begin. Here is the weekend in photos.

Where have you been this summer? Are you ready for the next half of the year?


  1. oooh that sunset photo is amazing. also the one of those beach hut things and the sunset. where have i been this summer? well i talk about that in my latest post ----
    ha. also no i am NOT ready for this next half a year because firstly, there's only half a year left of 2016? whAT. I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS. soon i'm going to be an old woman with no teeth, watching reruns of coronation street...why is time moving so fast? :'(

  2. I love those little cabana houses. It is a good thing I snacked because this post would have made me hungry. Ha ha. I am sending good vibes about the job. :)