Thursday, 18 August 2016

In Which I Introduce You To Phillip

A few months ago, I got my first car. His name is Phillip. He likes petrol, being clean, and not going above 60 because he's almost as old as me which means, in car years, he's a pensioner. However, he's still looking fiiiiine.

Before Phillip, I drove a 1966 Beetle called... um, I don't think I ever gave it a name. Aw. We just didn't hit it off and now it's sitting unused somewhere, gathering rust and probably quite a lot of dust. Still proud of myself for learning to drive in it, though. Vintage cars are vintage for a reason.

Recently, a specialist car insurer for young drivers got in touch. (#Spon #spon #spon, don't ever say I'm not transparent.) They're called Marmalade and they're trying to get rid of the stereotype surrounding young drivers on the road. They wanted to know: is there a correlation between lifestyle choices and driving ability? Are the public's perceptions of what makes a good driver correct? Are young drivers actually stereotyped?

To that last question, I'm going to say a big fat yes. I've experienced so many annoying drivers who glimpse an L plate and go on a power trip. Only twenty minutes ago, some guy driving an unnecessarily large and annoying Audi decided to just keep on driving when he was clearly meant to stop, nearly ploughing into my side. LEARN TO DRIVE.

*takes deep breath* I'm not annoyed, I'm perfectly calm. Promise.

Marmalade have created a quiz to see if our lifestyle choices, like our music tastes and what kind of clothes we like to wear, affect our driving ability. Loads of research has gone into it which you can see here, and it's actually pretty fun! Here's what I got:

I do have good and bad days on the road but I think you'll find I'm a lot better than so-so. I even strap in my takeaway pizza. I am the definition of cautious.

I'm not entering because Phillip would get jealous, but after doing the quiz, you even have the chance to win a new Vauxhall Corsa which I can imagine is going to make someone's day. It's worth checking out the facts behind their research, too: interestingly, the age-group that most judges other drivers is... young people. I guess because we've had lessons most recently, so the 'proper' way to drive is more ingrained in us, whereas the older you get, the more used to it you are and the less you have to think about it.

Also, did you know bookworms are some of the riskiest drivers? 


What did you get on the quiz? And for a bit of fun, tell me your most embarrassing driving moments, if you dare...


  1. This was interesting to read, I didn't realize that in the UK if you're a learner they put a big stamp/sticker on your vehicle. In Canada, no one can tell if you've been driving for 5 minutes to 5 years. Our driver's licence is the only thing that shows our status. Unless you're in a driving school car, those say driving school right on the car.

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

    1. Interesting, I didn't know that! They're called L plates and then when you pass, you get a green P plate to let people know that you've just passed but that people should take extra care around you. :)

  2. Do you think they think bookworms will be trying to read whilst driving? :D

  3. That is totally opposite of what I would have thought! I guess bookworms listen to too many audioboks in their cars and get distracted. Ha ha. And hello to Philip!

  4. I'm learning to drive at the minute (I'm 33, JUDGE ALL YOU WANT) but when I'm in that learner car it's like a magnet for people with zero patience. I've been passed out on a bend, I've been tailed, it's so off-putting! When you pass your test in Ireland you get a N sign for Novice, think that comes off after 2 years. Well done for learning in that beetle!