Tuesday, 17 May 2016

BLOG TOUR: Where the Crime Club Writes...

Earlier this month Mystery & Mayhem, a children's anthology of crime and mystery stories, was published. It boasts amazing authors such as Katherine Woodfine, Susie Day, Frances Hardinge and Robin Stevens to name a few, and I'm so excited to get reading! So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce some of the authors to create some mayhem on The Mile Long Bookshelf today. Let's see where they write!

Twelve mysteries.

Twelve authors.

One challenge: can YOU solve the crimes before the heroes of the stories?

These are twelve brand-new short stories from twelve of the best children's crime writers writing today.

These creepy, hilarious, brain-boggling, heart-pounding mysteries feature daring, brilliant young detectives, and this anthology is a must for fans of crime fiction and detection, especially the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, The Roman Mysteries and The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

Sally Nicholls: At the moment, I have a seven-month-old son, who is lovely, but very difficult to write around. So mostly I wait until he's asleep, grab my laptop, and type furiously until he wakes up. (He is asleep now by my feet in a Moses basket. It's very cute.) Sometimes I write in coffee shops, which has the advantage that sometimes you can send him back to sleep by rocking the pram and thus get a bit longer, but the disadvantage that sometimes he wakes up as soon as you park, and then you're sat there with your laptop glaring unopened at you, trying to persuade your little boy not to knock your overpriced coffee over.

I do quite a lot of work in the café at my local leisure centre, after I've exhausted him with swimming lessons. Sure, it means writing surrounded by thirty noisy primary school children who've just had a swimming lesson, but at least I'm allowed to ignore them. I get most work done when nice people take him away for a walk, and next term I'm hoping my husband will be around a bit more and able to help with childcare. Click here to check out Sally's books!

Susie Day: I work in a boarding school, looking after older teenagers when they're not in class; it's useful if I'm around during the day, so I usually write at home in my living room. If you're picturing Malory Towers, stop now. My view is... bins. (I like to think of it as an anti-distraction. Whatever is happening on the page has to be more interesting to look at than that.) Click here to check out Susie's books!

Frances Hardinge: I usually write in my study at home. It doubles as a storeroom, so there are lots of boxes of books, rolls of wrapping paper and general clutter, but it does have a nice view down onto a little local park. Click here to check out Frances' books!

Clementine Beauvais: Where do I write... wherever I am when I've got time!  At the moment, it's mostly on my sofa in my new house. But I wrote my mystery story for this book in my old flat - see picture! The most important thing, even more than a place to sit, is coffee, and Radio 3...

I don't know about you but I love seeing where authors write! Big thank you to Sally Nicholls, Susie Day, Frances Hardinge and Clementine Beauvais for letting us have a nose around. 

Look out for my review of Mystery & Mayhem coming soon!


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