Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Blogosphere Magazine: For Bloggers By Bloggers

I found out about Blogosphere Magazine when they were only on their second issue and, now on their eighth, I finally decided to buy a copy. The magazine is about blogging (bet you didn't guess that, did you?) and has everything from blogger interviews and columns to technical tips and tricks. It's now sold in WHSmith which is amazing! *proudly waves blogging flag*

So, what's good?

Firstly, the smell of the paper. Oh my god. It's better than the smell of a new book and I'm kind of addicted to it? Maybe they spray it with an addictive smell to make people buy more copies or something. Who knows? And if they don't do that, well - it's a pretty good idea. You can have that one for free. (Also, I wouldn't object to them bottling the smell and selling it as perfume.)

Still on the subject of the paper, it's so thick and luxurious, unlike most flimsy magazines you find on your local newsstand. It feels special, and the actual magazine as a whole is surprisingly thick, making it more like a book than a magazine. When I bought it I thought ouch, that's a bit expensive, but actually I'd say it's worth the money.

Content-wise, there are some thought-provoking pieces varying from how ad blocker is destroying the digital world and how to get around it, to why a blogger hasn't made their blog into their career, to Imposter Syndrome. I tend to stick within the book blogging community, so it was interesting to hear the opinions of people outside of it.

However, there were a few typos and formatting mistakes in blogger-submitted pieces and outside of them. Hey, everyone makes typos - I probably have in this very post - but it's not something I expect from a print publication and I'm not sure how they were overlooked before going to print. It's not a massive issue, but they really stood out for me.

Secondly... there's no dedicated books section! The magazine is pretty varied with food, fashion, lifestyle, arts & crafts, beauty, travel, photography and parenting, but I know how amazing and diverse the book blogging community is and I think, along with the books we review, it deserves more print recognition. Even just one page would be nice, perhaps reviewing a children's book to appeal to the parenting bloggers, and a YA or Adult novel. More niches would make the magazine even thicker than it already is, so I doubt this will ever happen but it would be great if it did.

So, it has a couple of less impressive points, but what doesn't? It has lots of good points, too, and I'll definitely be buying this again. It's so exciting that there is now an entire magazine dedicated to blogging, something which wasn't taken seriously at all not too long ago. It's an awesome resource and great for discovering new blogs to read that you never would have found otherwise due to that annoying yet wonderful thing called a comfort zone. Next issue, please!

Have you read Blogosphere Magazine, or are there any other blogging magazines you think I should check out?

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  1. We have a fellow at my part-time floating job whose main job is to keep up the publicity blogs for most of our clients. If they have this magazine here in the US I bet I could convince him to buy it and then I could borrow it to read during dinner breaks. Ha ha! It is too bad there was not a dedicated book blogging section, or page. It does sound interesting though. :)