Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Peek at my Stationery Collection

 Anthropologie Copper Lantern // Instax Share Printer

I am a stationery addict and my collection of pretty notebooks and journals is almost as big as my collection of books (well, not quite). There's just something about a pretty notebook with fresh, empty pages that gets me reaching for my debit card and running to the checkouts (or not, because I don't run voluntarily, but you get the gist).

And yet, I don't appear to have shared this stationery addiction with you, dear readers, so that's what I'm doing today. Sharing my entire collection of pretty notebooks would take approximately one hundred years, so these are my favourites:

What's better than a Moleskine? A notebook that looks like one but is actually a cheaper version from Sainsbury's (which has a surprisingly awesome stationery section) for a grand total of £1.75. BOOM. However, I don't know what to write in it. Does anyone else get that? Deciding what to use a notebook for is SO HARD. #firstworldproblems.

This was given to me by my friend and fellow pizza addict, Jack. I remember being so happy when this arrived as Emma Bridgewater is one of my favourite designers, and it came with matching pencils. Matching stationery is everything. ❤

This, along with the next two, was given to me for my birthday and I am more than slightly in love with it. I haven't used any of them yet because, like I said earlier, it's hard to know what to use them for and I don't want to ruin the perfect, clean pages with my messy handwriting. For now, I'm content with just looking at it. SO SHINY.

Again, SO SHINY. Along with the notebook above, this was from Sainsbury's ages ago but Hobbycraft has a very similar range if you love it as much as I do. You're welcome.

Okay, I do actually have plans for this one (I know, wow). Next time I go on holiday, whenever that may be, I'm going to write about it in here. This is also from Sainsbury's, surprise surprise.

THIS ISN'T FROM SAINSBURY'S. I have no idea where it's from as it was a Christmas gift but I love it. It's pretty heavy, with a soft turquoise cover and shiny gold accents.

As an addition, I also want to show you some note-cards that were sent to me recently from Abrams & Chronicle because they're so pretty.

Paris Street Style Notecards: Merci and Paris Street Style Notecards: Bonjour // £10.99 each

Stripes. Gold accents. Need I say more?

Macaron Mini Notes // £7.99

Most of you will know about my macaron obsession so you can imagine how happy I was when this arrived. You can write on the back of the macarons, and they come with tiny envelopes and stickers. So it's basically everything you need in life.

Next up: birthday cards from Paperless Post! I am in love. It would be weird to get myself a birthday card for every future birthday, though...

Are you obsessed with stationery? What's your favourite thing from this post?


  1. I hoard pretty books and paper, I always feel guilty when I never end up using them cause they're just so perfect. I'd actually like to get into book binding!

  2. I am obsessed too! Notebooks are my weakness. I particularly like your 'let's go on an adventure' one. I may have to pop down to Sainsbury's...

    1. I think they still stock them, at least mine does :)

  3. You get your stationery addiction from me.

    You're welcome ;)

  4. I am also more than a little obsessed with stationery, going anywhere near Paperchase results in serious spending! And if anything has owls on it, then buying it is a MUST! #owlobsession
    My favourite from your post is definitely the Believe in Your Dreams one. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. I love it too! Hard to pick a favourite though xD

  5. Amber! I loveee this post. Such a good idea. Like you, I have a stationary addiction. I see a cute notebook and I need to buy it! And then that leaves me in many predicaments because I don't know what to use all of my journals for. I don't want to ruin them by writing something silly, but I don't want to save them forever either. I was wondering what you use notebooks for? I need some ideas ;)
    One of my favorite stores is Papyrus, the stationary store. Everything there is so pretty.
    I agree with the comment from Scoutfinch - owls are irresistible!
    Again, I love this post! Thank you.
    Sydney (Sydney The Writer)

  6. Have you tried Leuchttrum 1917 notebooks yet? I used to be a huge fan of Moleskines and then I found these... they come in a satisfying range of colours and you can get lined, plain, dotted, or squared - they're a little pricey, though. Oh and have you checked out Paperblanks? Again, a bit pricey but they're some of the most beautiful notebooks I've ever seen, and good quality too!

  7. I followed Jack on Twitter, Bloglovin', and by email. I love notebooks, too, but I use them. Ha ha. My uni housemate gave me a beautiful oversized notebook with an embossed cover for my birthday one year, and I used it as sort of a "vision board", do you know what that is? They were popular a few years back. Anyway, I was before my time because I glued pics from magaziness of things I aspired to, and wrote in cool quotes I had come across, and I even pasted in my favorite fortune cookie fortunes. It is cool because it has gotten lost with moving several times, so there are big time jumps in activity and it is fun to see the difference in my wants and likes over the years. It is currently lost again! I use them for lists, too. My favorite movies, music, books, artists, foods, memories, etc... I envision a grandchild finding my list book and reading through it fondly. I have used some for recipies, but I have the person whose recipe it is write it in, so it is more personal. So there are some of my suggestions for uses. I do admit, though, I do buy doubles of notebooks I love, if they are on sale, and keep one pristine. I love the Doodles and Scribbles notebook. You should doodle and scribble in it! Have you made macarons? Or do you just eat them? I have been meaning to try and bake some, but they sound challenging. Wonderful post. :)

  8. OOOO I love the gold polka dot one!! It is so shiny :) I have horrible handwriting so I would be the type just to keep it somewhere "for show" lol

  9. I LOVE stationary! Paperchase is honestly my weakness, I could spend hours walking around staring at all the pretty stationary that I hardly get to use because I'm not in school anymore and No, Natalie, you don't need any files or binders. I actually have a pile of postcards that aren't getting any use and I'm trying to find some way to actually use them but that's more difficult that it seems, apparently.

  10. Caitlin Knotts15 June 2016 at 13:15

    Someone else understands! I have a beautiful leather cover engraved wood effect notebook I was given as a present years ago (like pre 2011) and I still can't bring myself to mark it with my handwriting. I have finally bought a notebook knowing what I as going to do with it (shock) I started a bullet journal. Problem is though Morrisons where I bought it like 3 weeks ago have discontinued it! Hoping they bring out a simallar one as it was perfect with 32 lines a page so great for monthly logs. Loved your blog, just found it today xxxx