Thursday, 7 April 2016

9 Books I'm Excited About This Year

I don't tend to like the first few months of the year. I don't know why, but that's how I've always been. However, there is one thing I like about it, and that is the anticipation it brings of amazing books coming out in later months.

I've been eagerly anticipating a few books this year, some of which I've already read and reviewed, like Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and Love Song by Sophia Bennett, both long-term favourite authors of mine. But there are more to come that I am very excited about, and they are...

Summer Days and Summer Nights by Stephanie Perkins

2nd June 2016 | Buy the book

I believe this is the summer version of Perkins' festive YA anthology, My True Love Gave to Me. It boasts short stories from Leigh Bardugo, Nina LaCour, Libba Bray, Francesca Lia Block, Tim Federle, Veronica Roth, Jon Skovran, Brandy Colbert, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer E. Smith, Lev Grossman and Stephanie Perkins herself. I have to admit, I haven't come across most of these authors before, but nonetheless I'm excited (especially for Perkins, Roth and Clare).

Ride by Lisa Glass

16th June 2016 | Buy the book

These books are perfect for summer and when I read the second book in the trilogy last year, it was clear how much growing up the characters had done. I don't usually notice such character development so I'm looking forward to 'meeting' them again and, I guess, catching up.

The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham

7th July 2016 | Buy the book

What a gorgeous name for a book! Siobhan Curham has long been a favourite writer of mine and if you haven't ready any of her books, I highly recommend that you do. I don't know a lot about this one but I do know it celebrates friendship and I'm so happy we're seeing more and more of this in YA. ❤

Did I Mention I Miss You? by Estelle Maskame
28th April 2016 | Buy the book

If you've read this post or this post, you'll know that the DIMILY trilogy is one of my absolute favourites. Sadly, Did I Mention I Miss You? is the last one, but I'm so excited to find out how Tyler and Eden's story comes to an end. It'll break my heart, I'm sure, but I'll be fine. *crosses fingers*

All About the Hype by Paige Toon

28th July 2016 | Buy the book

Another end to another trilogy, this one being the Jessie Jefferson books by Paige Toon. I find that books about how the 'other half' lives are the best for escapism, and that's one of the many reasons I have enjoyed this journey so much.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

31st July 2016 | Buy the book

How could I not put this on here? I happened to be on Twitter the second this book was announced and I pre-ordered it instantly. The excitement is real. (And a few weeks before this is published, I plan to see the show!)

Cuckoo by Keren David

4th August 2016 | Buy the book

Keren David is one of those authors where I don't even need to know what the book is about before buying a copy because I know I'll enjoy it. This one sounds especially interesting, with protagonist and household name Jake becoming homeless.

What's a Girl Gotta Do? by Holly Bourne
1st August 2016 | Buy the book

Another final book in a trilogy - this year is determined to make my heart hurt, I swear - but I'm looking forward to hearing Lottie's story, having already heard Evie's and Amber's. Holly Bourne's books are always good.

The Secret City by C.J. Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld
1st September 2016 | Buy the book

This is the second book in The Alchemist Chronicles and I've been lusting after it since finishing the first instalment, The Secret Fire. You can read all about that in my review. I NEED IT NOW. Death, demons... what more could you want from a book, let's be honest.

What upcoming books are you looking forward to?


  1. Oooh these all sound so good!! Great post xx

  2. What are you going to do in 2017 since all the trilogies are ending? I'm looking forward to The Flame Never Dies by Rachel Vincent

    1. Ha, probably a lot of crying. I'm looking forward to The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr though :)

  3. I'm super excited for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, too! I have it preordered, but I'm hoping my local bookstore does a midnight release party I can go to, instead.


  5. I haven't pre ordered the new Harry Potter book because I thought it was just a script?! I want to read it nonetheless though X

    1. It is a script, but I love reading plays :)

  6. The Moonlight Dreamers looks and sounds wonderful. I am also excited for The Cursed Child. I guess I am most looking forward to the Illustrated Chamber of Secrets. It comes out right before my birthday, so my son doesn't even have to think about what to get me. He bought the Illustrated Sorcerer's Stone for me as a Christmas gift. :)

    1. I read a proof a couple of days ago and The Moonlight Dreamers is wonderful! Highly recommend it. Ooh, the illustrated Harry Potter books are gorgeous! Lucky you :D