Friday, 4 March 2016


Recently, I was lucky enough to receive the new paperback edition of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. It's my absolute favourite of Rowell's books and you can see my review here. However, this new edition isn't just a usual paperback. Nope! It's exclusive to Waterstones and you can colour in the cover, spine, back cover and the maps inside. How great is that? It's such a creative idea and I'd love to see more books with colour-in covers in the future.

As for my creation, I didn't plan for it to look so much like the original cover. The writing is actually bright pink but it doesn't show up well on camera, and the blue is more of a light mint. I really enjoyed the novelty of drawing on the front of an actual fiction book rather than in a colouring book. That said, I wouldn't recommend using Sharpies. They're my favourite pens but they bled through the cover so I can't colour in the map inside. Sad times.

Seeing as my last colouring-in video was so popular I thought I'd do it again, so if you want to watch a time-lapse of me colouring in Carry On, watch the video below! And if you get one of the snazzy new editions, make sure to share your creations using the #CarryOnColouring hashtag.


  1. What the hell this is so cool! I wasn't even aware that this exists. I wish they would do this for more books, super exciting! I wish there were exclusive illustrations though that aren't in the hardcover, that would be even cooler.

    - Jen from The Bookavid

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  3. I'm totally on board being able to colour in book covers - books and art? Yes, please!