Friday, 29 January 2016

4 Awesome Songs That Remind Me of Night School by C.J. Daugherty

Do you ever hear the first few bars of a song and instantly get transported into the depths of a book you've loved? Me too - namely, C.J. Daugherty's Night School aka my favourite series. Here are four songs that remind me of the books!

If you've read the books, you might remember that a popular sport at Cimmeria Academy is night tennis. So, y'know. Tennis Court was an obvious choice. (Plus it has the whole 'fighting talk' vibe which is basically the whole series.)
To be honest, this one could apply to all YA love triangles, but in particular it makes me think of Carter and Sylvain and how protective they are.

Night School is pretty action-packed and tense, but there are some moments where the characters let their hair down, take a break and have fun (until, lets say, someone sets fire to the school...) To me, this song celebrates friendship, and when you're tangled up in a web of danger, that's kind of important.
Allie, the protagonist, has regular panic attacks. She's also a kickass member of the elite. I feel like this song suits her.
Are there any songs that remind you of certain books?


  1. This is a cool post :) I have nominated you to do the Dear Future Me Tag:

  2. Hey Amber,
    Ive just been watching your January book haul and couldn't help but see that you worry book, can't remember the exact name, makes me think of Evie's worry book, also can't remember the name, in 'Am I Normal Yet' by Holly Bourne. I read that book after seeing you review it and I'm so glad I found it!

  3. I've never read the Night School books, off to have a look now :)

  4. This was such a creative post! I loved it! I'm going to have to add Night School to my tbr/wishlist now :) xx