Saturday, 19 September 2015

Where is your Bright Place?

This blog post is perhaps a bit of a strange one but, inspired by Jennifer Niven's All the Bright Places of which you can see my review here, I've been asking myself a question lately: where is my bright place? I actually have a few, but today I'll just take you to one.

It's 2am. The house is silent. Your bedroom is dark, except for the faint glow of your lamp in the corner. There are noises outside every now and then - foxes, rubbish blowing around, gates swinging - but asides from that, it's just you laying in bed, safe under your covers with a book propped up next to you.

In that moment, time stops. The room around you dissolves.

You read, and read, and read; you don't lift your head. Your mind is somewhere else - the halls of Cimmeria Academy, or beneath the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps the markets of South Korea. You're Allie Sheridan, you're Anna Oliphant, you're Grace Wilde - maybe even Katniss.

You continue to be there until the book is finished and then you put it down by your side and smile to yourself, satisfied. Light blinds you as you lift your phone to check the time.

Hours have passed. Things have happened in the world. People have died, babies have been born, the sun rose in one country and set in another. But you were in a bubble, protected from everything because you were looking at pretty ink shapes on a page. You weren't in this world - you were in another one.

Pictured it? That, there, is one of my favourite places to be.

Where is your bright place?


  1. My bright place is at my boyfriends house when he's at work and after work.

    His dad in the garden or out the back doing maintenance, coming in every now and then to make tea. His Mum watching tv or on the computer googling random things. Sitting in his room on his fresh bedsheets, laptop in my lap, fluffy blankets around me. Everything's really peaceful and I can just think and be myself.
    Every now and then someone brings me a cup of tea or comes in to chat and it's really nice. Everyone treats each other with respect and speaks calmly, no one has anything controversial happening and its a relaxed, warm, comfortable environment.
    When He comes home at 4.30pm, its all cuddles and migrating my nest to the couch in the computer room where he plays games for a few hours and it's enjoyable and entertaining to be involved with his family and him, watching and occasionally participating in the banter.

  2. I have several, but one of mine is similar to yours as well. My favorite is when I'm in a comfortable spot with the light turned on reading, when the house is silent and I can just fully immerse myself in another world and become somebody else. Another bright place is when I'm sitting in a place of nature and the sun is warm and there's a gentle breeze and I can feel the grass beneath my feet...combine that with reading and it's practically heaven on earth.

  3. This is definitely my No. 1 bright place.
    Switching off the world and becoming fully immersed in a book. There's no rush, no homework or places to be. And you just sit there escaping into somebody else's life. Living and breathing their words and actions, an experience without any kind of travel.