Thursday, 10 September 2015

20 Before 20

I used to have a different blog, way before this one even began, and on it was a list of 50 things I wanted to do before I became the grand old age of 13.

Now I'm getting scarily close to adulthood, so why not make a new list? 20 before 20. Let's go!

If it's bold, I've done it. Yay me. (5/1/18)

  1. Travel Europe and blog about it.
  2. And possibly the rest of the world.
  3. Repaint my bedroom. It's been taken over by blu-tack. Why did younger me like posters so much? Edit: I actually painted it a few days after writing this post. This list made me weirdly motivated.
  4. Write a YA novel.
  5. Write a non-fiction book.
  6. Cook something complicated and don't die in the process.
  7. Do something for charity.
  8. Do public speaking, like a talk or a panel, at least once.
  9. Make the leap and go ombré.
  10. Go to Scotland. I've never been even though it's, like, there. It's not that far.
  11. Also Wales. Wales looks pretty.
  12. And Liverpool? That's meant to be a nice place. SO MANY PLACES, SO LITTLE TIME.
  13. Meet Cimorelli properly. I went to their show in London a few months ago but didn't get meet and greet tickets. So much regret.
  14. Get decent filming equipment for my YouTube channel. I am desperate. I don't even have a tripod anymore. Sad times.
  15. Get a new blog design.
  16. Get back into drawing. I used to do it all the time and then I got so busy and just... stopped.
  17. Learn to drive.
  18. Gain the courage to go to at least two blogger brunches/breakfasts/whatevers. I get invited to loads and I just... can't. So I need to do that at some point.
  19. Go to Madame Tussauds in London. I've wanted to go since I can remember and yet I've never been. I don't even know if it's good but I need to go just so I can finally tick it off my mental bucket list!
  20. Start a business. I have plans, people. Plans. It's just a case of making them happen.
I doubt many of these things will happen but, hey, I like lists. What's on yours? I'd love to know!


  1. All of these sounds great! Mostly my goal is to make as many cool things as I can. Written works, videos, inventions, whatever. Also traveling is awesome too!

  2. I need to learn to drive! I've never been to Scotland either!

  3. Wales is lovely! GO TO WALES! It's so peaceful and quiet. Liverpool is pretty cool too *coughs* Come to Manchester though *coughs*
    Also the Europe thing - I really want to do that. I've been to France & Belgium BUT THERE'S SO MUCH MORE I WANT TO SEE.

  4. Seriously need to learn how to drive, I AM THIRTY TWO

  5. I so badly want to go to Scotland - IT LOOKS SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. I'm actually thinking of perhaps studying there but the weather is awful and I like sun and warmth so HA, we'll see.

    I also really, really, REALLY want to write a book! So badly. Going to give NaNoWriMo a shot this year again and see if I can get anywhere with that goal.

  6. Yes you need to come to Liverpool! It's nice here! We're friendly, I swear!

  7. Great list! I would love to got to Scotland too, traveling is so fun to do! :) x