Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Burst of Love for Blogging

Below is a blog post I recently discovered in my drafts. It was never intended for publication, but reading it with fresh eyes made me happy, and so I decided to share the love with you.

Sometimes a wave of love for book blogging washes over me. I love book blogging always, but sometimes I get a sudden, overwhelming feeling of gratitude and... yeah.

I blog because I like books. I want to tell people about awesome books they need to read, and most of the time I assume only a handful of people are reading my blog, if anyone at all. And then huge things that I never in a million years thought could happen to me actually happen. I mean, I got invited to the Divergent premiere last year. Like, invited. By important people. And a few months ago, the Huffington Post put me on a list of '25 Vloggers Under 25 Who Are Owning the World of YouTube' where I was amongst so many of my role models who I hugely admire and have done for many years. And then I'm put with them in an article by the Huffington Post. And I keep wondering... why does this stuff happen to me? Why is that a thing? I'm not great at writing, and I'd consider myself a complete and utter failure at booktubing.

I guess it just overwhelms me sometimes but in a really, really good way. I like books, I write about books, and then amazing things happen because of that and I'm just like, "uh, did they mean to put me in that article? And why would I be invited to that event? What?"

I work hard on this blog and on my YouTube channel. I've been known to decline invites to places because, "sorry, I need to film my book haul." Sometimes I spend hours into the night writing posts and replying to emails and taking photos for future blog posts, and some people think that's weird. I don't think it's any different to someone saying, "sorry, I can't go with you today, I've got football practice."

If I hadn't started blogging, I wouldn't have been able to read so many awesome books. I probably wouldn't have my current job, which I'm pretty sure I got mostly due to the writing experience I have here. I wouldn't have the friends I've found through blogging. I don't know if I would have found my thing - you know, your main hobby in life that you can't ever imagine not doing.

It's just weird that this kind of stuff happens to me. Me, the girl who wore old-lady glasses all through primary school and was bullied by everyone for various reasons for my whole life. Socially awkward, literally.

I love blogging, and I guess it gave me life. Not literally. But you know what I mean. I'm not entirely sure who I'd be if I hadn't clicked the orange 'create a blog' button all those years ago.

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