Friday, 27 March 2015

March Favourites | 2015

Hello and welcome to my March favourites! At the end of every month I show you the things I've been loving recently, from beauty products and books to music and apps, and I'm sure food will feature, too, at some point... Enjoy!

Christophe Robin masque régénérant // £37 // Christophe Robin

This is a sample I received a while ago from one of my favourite authors, Carina Axelsson, and it is a miracle in a packet. If you've watched any of my videos, you might have noticed my hair is a bit of a frizz bomb. The only time it actually does what I want it to do is when I'm at home with no plans - isn't that always the way? This hair mask smells amazing, which is always a good thing and, unlike other masks I've used in the past, there is a noticeable improvement afterwards. It's expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for (it's worth noting here that I only have the sample - the actual product is much bigger!)

This is Not a Love Story by Keren David and True Face by Siobhan Curham // The Book Depository

I love all of Keren David's books, and I think This is Not a Love Story might be my favourite. I won't say too much about it because my review will be up soon, but what I will say is that I really, really want to go to Amsterdam. I've always wanted to, but this book has made me even more desperate to go. ❤

Again, I won't say too much about True Face because the review will be up soon, but it's such an important book that I think everyone needs to read. I genuinely think the world would be a better place if everyone read it.

Twilight bath bomb // £3.35 // Lush

I included a couple of Lush bath bombs in my January favourites, but this one is my overall favourite no matter what month it is! When you put Twilight in the bath, it turns from pink to blue, dark blue, and eventually lilac. It's so pretty and definitely lives up to its name! The smell is subtle and reminds me of a soap of theirs I was obsessed with a few years ago - I think it might have been Honey I Washed The Kids but I'm not sure. Anyway, I've discovered that this bath bomb is the only thing that can make me properly relax, so if you're like me and have trouble relaxing, maybe give this a try.

Now I understand why Twilight has been hyped so much - it's not for nothing, trust me!

Anker Astro Mini Portable Power Bank // £13.99 // Amazon

This thing is a lifesaver. You charge it fully, just like you would your phone, and then take it with you next time you go out. If your phone dies, just connect it to the Anker power bank with your usual USB lead and it'll charge! This has come in handy so many times, and I'd say it's a blogging essential. I was at the Insurgent premiere a couple of weeks ago and, just as the celebrities were making their way to our end of the red carpet, my phone died. Not only had I been hoping to get selfies with the cast, but I was also blogging and vlogging with it. Luckily, I had this charger in my bag and it was all good again.

Just a note: if you're planning to buy this, it's currently reduced from £39.99 to £13.99! Wuuuut.

Cimorelli at the O2 Academy Islington in London // 21st March 2015

I've decided this feature can include memories. Those of you who know know me will know that I love a band called Cimorelli and have done for nearly three years. The band is made up of six sisters from ages 14 to 24 and they've been making cover videos on YouTube since 2007. Now they have a record deal, several original EPs, an album in progress and they just flew all the way from the US to do a European tour. They're not hugely well known at the moment, but that's rapidly changing.

They only had one UK date on their tour, so I'm really happy that I was actually available on that date. The concert was incredible - they performed 19 songs, all of which you can see here, and I had an amazing view despite being short in a crowd of tall people. I didn't get pictures with the girls but I did get a selfie with their mum, which is possibly even better considering the fact that she is, y'know, the reason they exist. When I was on the tube home, Katherine Cimorelli sent me a DM thanking me for coming to the show. They really are the nicest people.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. March has actually been pretty terrible for me reading-wise. I didn't finish any book (I'm still trawling through the brilliant, but lengthy The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson) but instead I listened to an obscene amount of albums. The past two weeks have been pretty amazing for new music so I've basically been rushing along trying to keep up with it all.

    I also just remembered my pressing need to attend a concert. I found a website called Songkick where you can track artists and are sent a notification if they're playing near you but at the moment it's becoming pretty torturous because it seems that every venue in Dublin is over 18s (except the O2, but I doubt any band I like will ever play there) so I can't go for another two years. I think I'm the only music fan who has never been to a concert.

  2. I definitely need one of those power banks for my phone! Gah I use it way too much, lol. And bath bombs! I found a tutorial on how to make my own that I need to try! It sounds like it would be pretty simple and fun! Looking forward to the reviews on your books! :)
    Rosie // Rosie Reads

  3. I love Lush! The twilight bath bomb is one of my favorites! <3 Bee @ Bee Reads Books

  4. Great Blog. I especially love your blogging tips. As a fellow book blogger its been a great help..

  5. Great post, I had a very bad reading month, got sidetracked with crafting something! That power thing looks amazing, so handy. Off to check out Cimorelli now :)

  6. Oh, I haven't had a Lsuh bath bomb or bubble bar in a long time.