Thursday, 1 January 2015

Did I Achieve My Blogging Goals in 2014?

You might remember that at the beginning of last year I wrote a post listing my 2014 goals and resolutions for The Mile Long Bookshelf.

It's been a year. Did I achieve my goals?

Book Blogging Goals

  • Reach 500 GFC or Bloglovin' followers.
I said "or" because I remember thinking that there was no way on earth I could reach 500 on both GFC and Bloglovin' in a year. Well, I'm happy to say I did it! I currently have 578 on GFC and 646 on Bloglovin'.
  • Reach 500 YouTube subscribers.
This is the one that I really, really didn't think would happen. My channel had been growing so slowly and, at the time of writing that post, I wasn't even sure if I was going to carry on booktubing long enough to get that amount. Clearly I did carry on, and I'm currently really close to 800 subscribers. You have no idea how surprised I am that I achieved this goal.
  • Get to 200,000 page views. 
200,000 is a number I picked at random and it had no relevance to my stats. That's pretty obvious to me now, seeing as I passed this goal by over 100,000. Sorry to go all hipster fangirl on you here, but I can't even.
  • Reach 200 newsletter subscribers.
Uh, I did that too. Yeah, I don't know how either.
  • Read at least 100 80 70 books.
As you can see, my original goal was 100 books. Then 80. Then 70. I did actually achieve this on December 30th and ended up having read 71, but I'm not sure if it counts seeing as I had to keep lowering my goal. This year has been a real struggle for reading and I have no idea why. I really, really hope 2015 is better for this. 

Book Blogging Resolutions

  • Take more time over editing my videos.
I've definitely done that! I got new editing software shortly after making that resolution and, while I'm not always happy with how I act/look/talk/whatever in my videos, I'm nearly always happy with how I've edited them.
  • Improve my reviews.
I'm really not sure if I've done this. There's no way I can tell. Do you think my reviews have improved at all in the past year? I think it depends on the book I'm reviewing.
  • Write more personal posts.
Tick. If writing a post about something very personal that I'd been keeping secret for over a year at the time doesn't count as writing a personal post, I don't know what does! There were lots more, including a fun one full of photos from my holiday.
  • Say 'no' more often to blog tour requests, except those I am genuinely excited about.
I think I've done this one pretty well! I've been asked to be a part of lots of blog tours this year, but I only agreed to take part in three of them, and they were for Liz Czukas, Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young, and Rainbow Rowell
  • Stop accepting review books unless I desperately want them and know I'll read them. 
I think this has gone relatively well, and if I could be bothered to count the books on my TBR pile, I'm sure I'd be able to count them on two hands.It's definitely less stressful this way, and I've also been reading more of my own books rather than review books, lately.
  • Keep track of the ARCs I receive, with their review deadlines etc.
I did this for January and February and then gave up. Remind me never to make this resolution again, because it's waaaaay too time consuming.

So, out of 11 goals and resolutions, I only failed at 1 and a half. I'm really, really surprised! Not sure how well 2015 will go, as I've set myself some pretty high targets, which you'll see here on the blog very soon.

Thank you for letting me appear on your screen occasionally, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Do you set goals at the end of the year?


  1. Congrats on 500+/600+ followers - you deserve ALL of them and the many more that I'm sure will come! I also reached 500 followers on GFC, which is super exciting! I also don't really participate in blog tours anymore, I used to sign up for quite a few but then I would feel like I needed to enjoy the book and it was confusing as I was in a different time zone and meh. >.<

    I'm glad you achieved your goals and I hope you have a wonderful 2015, Amber! <3

    1. Aww, thank you! Congratulations on 500 followers! Happy New Year <3

  2. huge congrats on reaching so many of your goals. I enjoy your written and video reviews because you are so honest without being mean or hurtful. You are funny and amusing and your videos always give me a chuckle.
    I look forward to more this year.
    Happy New Year Amber X

    1. Thank you so much! You're too lovely :) Happy New Year!

  3. I kept lowering down the amount of books I want to read for the Goodreads reading challenge too because I was so busy last year. I didn't reach it, but I'm not really disappointed since I was on an on/off reading slump throughout the year. I'm aiming for 115 books this year though!

  4. Congrats on achieving your goals and I hope 2015 is an amazing year for you and that your blog goes from strength to strength.

  5. Well done for meeting so many of your goals! I'm too scared to go back and look at mine from the beginning of 2014, but I'm striving to meet the ones for this year. I get really excited about goals and organisation and all that good stuff!

  6. I like that your goals are concrete things. I'm always like "expand my readership," and then I get surprised why I'm not happy with what I've done, but you've made it realistic by setting actual numbers to that goal. Congrats on the GFC and Bloglovin' followers and newsletter subscribers and YouTube subscribers! My goal is get more for Booktube too. And to get better at making some of the videos. The thumbnails of my first few o.o. I hope that reading books in 2015 will get better for you! Reading slump? Any stress in 2014? You still reached the goal even if you had to lower your goal. At least you *recognized* your limitations, you know. I keep wanting to do too much in everything.

    I need to take more time editing my videos too! I've got new software... but it's only a trial version. I need to research more, because I feel like I don't know enough options. Some don't allow image overlays and that's really crucial for me :(. "Stop accepting review books unless I desperately want them and know I'll read them. " -- Yep. Another resolution of mine, and I hope it'll go as well for me as it seems to have for you! "Keep track of the ARCs I receive, with their review deadlines etc." -- Ha, yeah. It is time consuming. I have a vague notion of release date, but I've stopped paying attention to review deadlines. This month I'm posting reviews with release dates from like the fall. o.O

    "So, out of 11 goals and resolutions, I only failed at 1 and a half." -- I ALWAYS FAIL AT SO MANY OF MINE SO CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I'm so hugely impressed. You have such an awesome list and you've followed through with it. My dream goal is to do that one day, ha. Like Amber, I don't even want to review my old resolutions.