Friday, 16 January 2015

Book Blogging Goals + Resolutions for 2015

At the beginning of 2014 I made a list of book blogging goals and resolutions and, surprisingly, it went really well! You can see what I did and didn't achieve here, but now I'm going to set my goals for this year.

Book Blogging Goals

  • Reach 800 GFC or Bloglovin' followers.
I really don't think I'm going to achieve this one but I said that last year, so... we'll see.
  • Reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers. (If you're interested in making that happen, you can subscribe here...)
At the moment I have nearly 800 so, again, I'm not sure how achievable this is! I think it'd be a nice number to get to, though.
  • Get to 500,000 pageviews.
I generally do quite well with pageviews so I'm thinking - fingers crossed - I might be able to do this one. I have just over 300,000 at the moment so it's a big jump but I'm hopeful!
  • Reach 1,000 likes on Facebook.
Click here if you feel like helping with that...
  • Reach 4,500 Twitter followers.
I don't know why but I didn't have a Twitter goal last year, even though I always have Twitter open in another tab. I picked 4,500 because I really don't think 5,000 is achievable at all, although I'll laugh if I do actually have that many by the end of the year.
  • Read at least 40 books.
This year I'm setting the bar low and aiming to read 40 books. I really struggled last year and it got a bit stressful. It turns out I'm not a fast reader anymore, and this year is going to be even busier than 2014, so... 40 it is, then. Somehow, I've already read 10, but I'm keeping it low for now.

Book Blogging Resolutions

  • Improve my reviews.
  • Email reviews to publicists more often.
  • Go to more bookish events.
  • Start a 'monthly favourites' feature - more on that soon!
  • Say 'no' to blog tour requests, except those I am genuinely excited about.
  • Stop accepting review books unless I desperately want them and know I'll read them.

A few personal goals of mine include going to a different country or two (I've been saving up for this for a while and my passport is on the way, so fingers crossed), going to a concert, and getting a new camera.

What are your goals for this year?


  1. Those seem like good numbers. I think you can definitely get to 500,000 page views, due to you being amazing. The numbers seem daunting to me, I'm so far from that level of success. But congrats to you for being amazing and having so many people read your amazingness!

  2. My goals are almost the same as yours. I love bookish events and I'm planning to go to as many Writers' Festivals as possible :)

  3. I'm aiming for 75 books this year, but only loosely. I want to get back into scheduling as the last few months have been pretty horrific on TAW. I also want to get back into commenting! :P

  4. I really want to improve my reviews too! I feel like my reviews are too vague (I'm scared to spoil my readers) but I think a few details won't hurt (i.e. characters, world building etc). I've been pretty good with saying no to blog tour requests. I have so many books on my plate that I can't make room for anymore review requests. This year, I'm not really focusing on the blog stats, but more on tackling my tbr pile which is getting cray. Hopefully by the end of this year, I'll have 20 (max) books in my pile.

  5. I really want to focus on getting back into reading and doing booktube videos and sorting out my book blog. After deleting my old channel and blog last year I realised how stupid I was and decided to start it all back up again. the only down side is that I now how to try and get all of my followers and subscribers back. Also as i am a university student I have a really small tbr pile as in 8 books... I know how great is that! Well, I have hundreds at home but could only bring a few. But I want to read all of them first before buying any new books.
    I did a post about my bookish goals on my blog if you want to see any more but those are the main ones.