Monday, 24 November 2014

You Know You're a Book Blogger When...

1) Sundays make you sad because there is no post on Sundays.

2) You begin to hyperventilate as you walk past a bookshop. 

3) Before you even get to the hyperventilating stage, whoever you're with glares at you and says "No." What? It's not like you were going to go in there or anything...

4) Your Instagram feed looks a lot like this.

5) You know the title of a book just by holding it. (Seriously though, the other day I picked up a book without looking and, due to the thickness of it, I instantly knew it was Soulmates by Holly Bourne. New party trick? Yes.)

6) Who needs sleep? You have blog posts to write, and books to photograph, and emails to reply to, and old review books that really need reading now...

7) You're doing something that has nothing to do with books, i.e doing household chores, homework, or showering, and you begin to write a blog post in your head. You multitasking little pro, you.

8) It annoys you when you have a series of books that are all the same height, and then the last one is massive... I'm looking at you, City of Heavenly Fire. Go away, think about what you've done, and only come back when you match the other books.

9) You want to cry when you have to read a book for school, because you know it'll mean sacrificing your TBR pile for a while...

10) The post comes, you sit on your bed, you open review books. Later, you go to bed, and accidentally sleep with two or three press releases. This is a regular occurrence for you. Tidying is for the weak.

11) You fangirl with fellow bloggers on Twitter before bed. "I'll only be on here for ten minutes," you think. But...


  1. Hahahaha! This is all so true, except I don't think I've ever slept with press releases. Great post!

  2. Are you reading my mind? Ahhh my life is being harassed by books but the stalking is sweet

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (

  3. LOL at #9 because that's so true! I also do #7 but mainly when I'm in the shower or brushing my teeth. Haha I had some #5 moments. I could tell by the texture and thickness/thinness of the book.

  4. great post Amber, I can identify with 1,2,3,6,7,8 and 11 but no. 5 is just way too clever for me

  5. Hahahahaha, this one is sooo good! Twitter, oh yes!! And yeah, I even write book reviews in my head on down time at work!

  6. Yes! I agree with practically all of these! With #3, I'll be like "Can I go to the-" and then the answer is no. My poor, broken-hearted bookish soul.

    Great post and LOVE the Taylor Swift picture at the end!

  7. Never a truer post Amber, never a truer post! Definitely putting this in my link up ;)

  8. Sundays don't make me sad as it's my favourite blogging day, I always take extra time on sudnay to visit and comment blogs. Sundays make me happy, also I don't get that books in the post, so that might be part of the reason as well. I do agree with most of the other points. Especially the one about thinking up blog posts when in the shower or doign household chores.

  9. #2 & #3 oh my god are so true and so terrible for me, lol. My sister, my husband, even my own daughter (sometimes, other times she's begging me to go to the bookstore, lol) all roll their eyes when I say, "But I'll only be a minute." Because they know it's never just a minute! I'm well known in my family to be a major bookaholic, and they tease me about it all the time, all in good fun. And yep, I never sleep, either. I think about my blog 24/7, lol. I don't know how to tell a book's title just by holding the book yet. That's something for me to work on. ;)

  10. Yes....all of this is just spot-on. Except for, in Australia, we have no post on Saturday or Sunday (well, maybe they do on Saturday in the CBD of the capital cities, I don't remember) and it's extremely upsetting. The weekends always seem so long with no postie to look forward to!

  11. So true haha! Tho luckily I don't have to read books for school ;) #theperksofhomeschooling


  13. HAHA!!! OMG, THIS POST!!!! Yes to all of these. I slept on two ARCs last night after opening post and I didn't realise till the morning. These are all so accurate and so true.