Friday, 14 November 2014

DISCUSSION: Should Bloggers Review Everything They're Sent?

It's no secret that book bloggers get a lot of books, whether they're sent for review or if they were bought as part of an extreme bookish shopping spree. I'm not exempt from that, but the thing is, when I go into a reading slump, it goes on for months, not just days. Needless to say, the TBR pile is infinite, and it actually scares me a little bit, because I know I'll never get to the bottom of it.

There have been times where it has stressed me out so much I've considered stopping blogging (I could never bring myself to do that, though. I love blogging far too much.) Truthfully, getting books to review from publishers is an honour, and I'm so grateful to receive them. I'll never be able to thank them enough. But that doesn't stop bloggers getting stressed about it from time to time!

Back in March, I decided to go on Twitter (I say "go" - I'm always on there) and ask if anyone actually reviews all of the books they get, whether they're from publishers or if they've bought them. I've included the responses in this post because they made me feel a lot better and I thought they might reassure others who are in the same situation.

Hopefully they'll help reassure anyone else struggling with an infinite TBR realise that it's okay - you don't have to read and review everything! That would be impossible... I wish it was possible, though. We're doing publishers and authors a favour, but we're not obliged to read everything we're sent - this is not our job, after all. I'd particularly like to point out Debbie's tweet about how even just including a book in your haul gets it publicity, whether you end up reviewing it or not. That's better than nothing, right?

What about you? Do you try to read all of your review books? How do you cope?


  1. I never worry about reviewing books ive bought, they are just for my amusement only but i do feel bad if i have requested some from Bookbridgr say or direct from a publisher and then never get around to reading them but, like Debbie i include them in my book round ups and also write individual posts about them which all helps them to get more coverage. At the end of the day we are all human and have lives outside our books.
    Gill x

  2. This is a really interesting post! I don't really get sent that many books so I don't really have much to say, but everytime I finish a really great book, I write a review and then save in in my drafts for when I haven't read in a while and I'm struggling for book reviews. But I could totally see why people wouldn't review all of theirs, school and work are more important sometimes!
    Eden x // edenroses // enter my giveaway

  3. I have just started blogging and am already receiving emails asking me to review the widest range of books. My rule has become that if I wouldn't pick it up in a bookshop, I won't review it! But to be honest when you're quite new to blogging it is helpful to get you started if you feel daunted in what to blog about. 😁

  4. Honestly, I can't finish all the ARCs given to me this year, but for sure, someday I will get to them!

  5. I'm only new to blogging, so have just started receiving books to review. If I specifically ask for a book, I make sure I review it. If it's unsolicited, I will review it depending on if I feel like it or not - the same goes for books from the library and books I've been gifted or bought myself.

  6. I probably review maybe 1/2 the books I'm sent (although that's partly because my recommendation policy states I only review stuff I like, so I know people are okay with me not posting about it if I don't like it.)

    Overall I aim to read everything I actually request and review if I enjoy; I rarely review unsolicited books unless I read them and really loved them. Afterworlds and Bone Jack may be the only two unsolicited I've reviewed this year.

    Good post Amber! Interesting to see people's thoughts.

  7. I always feel horribly guilty for requesting a book and then not getting to it straight away. o.O I usually end up reading so many ARCs or library books (which have like "due dates" basically) and then I never read the books I actually buy for myself! Which sucks. Because I only ever buy books I reeeeally want to read, and I still don't get to read them?!! Wah. DNFing makes me feel horribly guilty too.
    But true! I always feel like as long as I'm advertising them on hauls and twitter and instagram too, then I'm still doing something. This post is encouraging. x)

  8. Great question. I try to get to all of them and review all of them but right now I still have tons of unread and unreviewed ARCs (which are not so advanced now, come to think of it). There was an ARC I read recently which I DNF'd and I felt horrible. But I just couldn't finish it. :(

  9. I reckon try and review as many as possible :)