Sunday, 5 October 2014

20 Signs You Follow Too Many Bookworms on Instagram

1. Due to the book-on-white-sheets trend you've seen more girls' bedsheets than Jace Wayland has.

2. You're shocked when a selfie appears in your feed, and even more shocked when there aren't any books in the background. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

3. You spend more time making your desk and laptop look pretty to show you're #blogging and #reviewing than actually writing your blog post.

4. You've seen more book selfies than ordinary selfies.

5. You pop a DSLR onto your wishlist because there are so many photos of booktubers' cameras before they start filming their latest haul. 

6. You don't even watch or read book hauls anymore because you've seen all the books already on Instagram, minutes after they popped through the letterbox.

7. You start to feel like the only person in the world who doesn't like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. You consider pretending just so you can take a photo of your hot drink next to your #currentread.

8. You completely understand when a photo of a single bookshelf gets over 1K likes. It is beautiful. 

9. Your heart aches from seeing so many photos from your favourite author's book signing which you're not attending. 

10. You see so many photos of Game of Thrones with sticky-noted deaths that you're genuinely surprised when you pick up your own copy and it's completely free of sticky notes.

11. You consider buying a MacBook just so you can join in with the white desk/white sheet/white laptop photos.

12. You also decide to actually step foot into the big wide world so you can take a photo of your favourite book in the grass.

13. When you're by the pool you forget about reapplying your sun cream because you're too busy taking a photo of the book you're reading, making sure to get your legs and the pool in the photo too. It's not every day a bookworm actually ventures out into the daylight, after all. 

14. You just added over fifty books to your wishlist just by scrolling down your feed once.

15. You feel like some kind of criminal when you post a photo of the sunset instead of a book.

16. The cause of your death is actually jealousy from seeing so many pretty photos of books next to bowls of berries, like a true hipster.

17. You've spent more time looking at photos of Theo James and Shailene Woodley than revising for your exam next week. You blame the people you follow. Not yourself. 

18. When you scroll past so many photos of bookshops that when you look up from your phone you're surprised you're not in a bookshop yourself.

19. You've decided to take up your bedroom carpet so you can take photos like this.

20. When Instagram shows there are BEAUTIFUL FOREIGN EDITIONS OF YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK TO BE BOUGHT. "Did you really need to buy another copy?" "SHH I'M LEARNING LANGUAGES."

All photos included in this blog post are from Instagram and each photo belongs to the user credited underneath the corresponding photo. If you decide you no longer want your photo included in this blog post at any time, please get in touch and I will remove it immediately.


  1. Ha! Yes to so so so many of these! I probably agreed and giggled a little too much while reading this post!

  2. SO ACCURATE OMG. #1 is my favourite (I'm still laughing my ass off) but #15 and #16 are pretty awesome (and so true for me) too. Love this post, Amber!

  3. Love this so much! You've made me go on Instagram and like a million photos xx

  4. THIS POST IS AMAZING 10/10 GOLD STAR. Every single one applies to me except the actual POSTING OF PHOTOS. *glares at decrepit, old phone with NO INSTAGRAM*.
    1. Heck yes.
    4. that book selfie is pretty stunning though.
    10. That is genuinely me.
    14. YeS
    19. I actually wanted to do this LONG BEFORE I saw all these photos, now I want to even more BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED HONESTLY.
    20. Aint nobody got time for that.

  5. Yes to all of these! lol :D

  6. Great post! I got some more signs:

    21. You buy flowers
    22. You put flowers by / on / around your book. Because thats how bookworms read - apparently. With roses laying on the pages.
    23. Some times you get so into a book that you forget to take a picture when reading at a nice café. BIG regrets.
    24. Feeling a bit superior to people taking selfies. And fashion bloggers.

    Btw. I'm also a bookworm on Instagram ;)

    1. Hahaha I completely forgot the whole rose petals thing. :'D

  7. Hehe....
    Yes YES YES to them all, except 7 (*how could you not like tea!*)
    Instagram is like a virtual library to admire oh so pretty covers. ^_^

  8. These are so funny and accurate! Specifically #1 :P

  9. haha laughed at this! I have an instagram but never use it - but exactly the same applies to the bookish side of Tumblr xD

  10. "Due to the book-on-white-sheets trend you've seen more girls' bedsheets than Jace Wayland has."

    ASDFGHJKL AMBER YOU ARE A GENIUS AND I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO MUCH. This is a great list, and I agree 100%!!

    Rita xx

  11. Yes. To all of these. Perfect post, Amber - thanks for sharing. :)

  12. This post is so awesome :) I guess I don't follow enough bookworms. Or maybe it is that I'm too lazy to check my IG feed on a regular basis.

  13. This post is pure awesomeness! Love #1! Hahahaha! I just stumbled on your blog and loved it!