Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes

Title: The Pointless Book
Author: Alfie Deyes
Published by: Blink Publishing
Publication date: 4th September 2014
Pages: 192
Genres: Non-Fiction
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Brought to you by YouTube Vlogger Alfie Deyes, The Pointless Book is the ultimate addition to his YouTube channel - a weird and funny video-diary of fun, challenges and nothingness: bake a cake in a mug; take part in a people-watching challenge; create a time capsule; diarise a week of your life, and learn to make origami. Fully illustrated and packed with a host of games, activities and pranks, Alfie invites you to join his online following as he challenges you to complete your journal of pointlessness and do virtually nothing with pride.

Those who know me will know I love YouTubers. I watch their videos every night before I go to bed and they're so entertaining - some even have upwards of a few million subscribers! My favourites are Zoella, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, and Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) to name a few. Well today, a very special book arrived (so special, in fact, that I'm writing the review and publishing the review the same day I got the book - I never do that!)

What book? The Pointless Book by none other than one of my favourite YouTubers himself, Alfie Deyes. But don't be fooled by the title - it's not so pointless! Full of random things to do from origami and passing the book to a stranger and having them draw you, to making paper aeroplanes and baking a cake in a mug, boredom won't even exist anymore with this book around. Just flip to a random page (don't do it in order) and you're good to go!

I'll admit I wasn't hugely excited about the book when it was first announced, but by the end of Alfie's video where he revealed the book I was fangirling so hard. I personally love books like this. Having filled my copy of Wreck This Journal, a similar book, I was in need of something else... and then this book was revealed. Good timing. I'd say this is more fun and definitely more random; I think the 'Draw genitals on the people below' page proves that. But my favourite page - yet to be completed - is 'Places I'd like to travel to' which for me is pretty much everywhere.

You don't even have to be a fan of Alfie to enjoy this book (although if you're not a fan, I suggest you go and marathon-watch all of his videos until you are.) However if you are a fan, like me, this book also comes with a free app which unlocks exclusive digital content. I couldn't actually get the app to work but it was only released a couple of hours ago and seeing as I haven't seen anyone else scanning a page with the app, I was probably doing it wrong. I'm really looking forward to using it, though! Edited to add: I just tried again and it works - no idea how! Very cool addition to the book.

And the final reason for me loving this book? It's really positive, and I'm all about spreading positivity! There are tasks such as 'Write a compliment, rip out this page, and give it to a stranger' and 'Write five things you like best about yourself and why."

Grab some pens, close your eyes, and flip to a page; your boredom is about to disappear in 3, 2, 1...


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  2. As soon as I get the book. I AM going to do a review of it on my blog!
    You are a good writer, keep up the good work.

  3. Ahh when did your copy come? I check the post every morning because I'm still waiting eagerly haha! Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  4. Yay! :D My favourite book blogger loves my favourite youtuber as much as I do!!
    Seriously can't wait for his book and your review has just made me want it EVEN MORE! :)

  5. We need more pointless books in the world. This fulfills the promise to make you laugh. If you've made someone laugh or smile today then you have had a successful book. From what I can tell this book made Amber do that so it was a successful book.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists

  6. Fantastic review, Amber! I absolutely love Alfie, so I'll definitely be picking this up sometime in the near future hopefully. This also reminds me that I really need to get my hands on a Wreck It Journal, because I've wanted one for years now.

    1. Thank you! Yep, Wreck This Journal is amazing too, you should definitely give both a try if you get the chance. :)

  7. This sounds like such a fun and positive book. A brillaint addition to the YouTube channel (which I probably should now go and check out) - brilliant review :)

    1. Thank you! It really is - I think one of his funniest videos is his collab with Marcus Butler where they had a food fight... :'D

  8. Must go check out his youtube channel now!:P This sounds cool as it's like Wreck This Journal (which coincidentally I ordered five minutes ago yay). ALL the youtubers are bringing out books now... This has been added to the wishlist along with Grace Helbig's & Hannah Hart's books ;)

  9. I've been wanting to find a book like this for a while; something fun and creative whilst getting back into the school routine! Definitely thinking about picking this up!

    Great review, Amber! I loved seeing all of the pages you've completed. That last thing on the life ambitions list is fab! Be warned: You've got my hopes up! I want to buy chocolate pizza one day!

    -Sophie :) x

  10. I love watching Youtubers as well! I'm not a huge fan of Alfie's in comparison to some others but I think it's so cool that he has a book out! I had no idea at all and I'm really interested now. I like how this kinda sounds Wreck This Journal-esque which I've been a fan of for a really long time. I'll be on the lookout for this when it comes out! :) Thanks for sharing! And I really liked your pages you included.

  11. i thought its going to be a novel like zoella's , i don't have any fill it yourself book but i might buy this !

  12. Very nice review! I definitely want to do book reviews on my blog now!