Sunday, 17 August 2014

Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion by Carina Axelsson

Title: Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion
Author: Carina Axelsson
Published by: Usborne
Publication date: 1st February 2014
Pages: 356
Genres: MG/YA/Contemporary/Mystery
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Introducing Axelle Anderson: fashion's most stylish detective.

Despite her long legs and fashion-obsessed family, all Axelle wants to do is solve mysteries. So when star designer Belle La Lune vanishes, Axelle seizes the chance to go undercover as a model to crack the case – even if it means being tortured with eyelash-curlers and teetering on sky-high heels. Aided by the distractingly gorgeous Sebastian, Axelle races against the clock to solve the mystery at the heart of Paris Fashion Week...

Admittedly my first impressions of this book weren't great. I thought it would be a light, fluffy read full of poofy dresses and Parisian runways, and that wasn't really what I wanted. But no, this isn't your average fashion novel, that's for sure. Full of mystery and 'whodunits', I was intrigued from the start and it was very difficult to put down!

Sixteen-year-old Axelle is visually 'nothing special'. She has wild, bushy hair and big glasses that hide her face, and instead of going into the modelling career like her mother dreams for her, she wants to become a detective. Her parents find it hard to cope with their daughter 'throwing her life away' so they buy her a train ticket and send her off to her Aunt V in Paris, just in time for Paris Fashion Week - Axelle's worst nightmare. But it turns out maybe it won't all be about fashion after all... sometimes a detective is needed in the strangest of situations.

To be completely honest, I was a bit bored reading the first chapter. Then again, maybe it's because I'm usually so impatient to get to the centre of the story... but it soon picked up. Fast-paced and full of twists, turns, and other surprises, I was left in suspense and wanting more. I loved the quirky characters and the processes they went through to work everything out. There was a sprinkling of romance too, and not just because they were in Paris. Not only is this written really well, but it kept my full attention, and I found myself reading a few pages between classes at school because I just couldn't wait until afterwards. I had to find out who had kidnapped Belle, and trust me when I say that whoever you predict to have done won't be them. I did not see it coming, and, oh, do I love a book which takes me completely by surprise!

Compelling and very enjoyable, are you ready to be transported to Paris? Because this book will do just that. Model Under Cover will consume your brain, and you'll find it hard to do things in your day-to-day life until you've finished the book and gotten to the bottom of the mystery. I highly recommend this to MG and YA readers alike!
But that's not all. I also got to interview Carina Axelsson, the author of this book, and you can see the footage below! For more bookish videos you can subscribe to my channel by clicking here. ;)


  1. This sounds cute! I'm not the biggest fan of mystery novels in YA but I do enjoy them occasionally. I'll keep this book in mind when I come across it.:)

    1. I'm the same - this book was a pleasant surprise! :)

  2. I want to appreciate for a moment that you pick up books that don't give you a very good first impression and still stick through with them. Congrats on your 200th review!

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists

    1. I've never DNF'd a book, I just can't bring myself to do it! That might change in future though. And thanks! :)

  3. I would never have picked this book out myself but you've sold it to me! Sounds great :-)

  4. Okay, I am totally interested in this book now! Great review!

  5. Such a good book! Love ur youtube by the way! Also the book has 356 pages not 432?