Monday, 2 June 2014

The Book Blogger World Tour

Another project? I must be crazy, but this idea has been kicking around in my head for months, and I'm so happy that I can finally start working on it!

What is the book blogger world tour?

Firstly - this is not a tour you will need plane tickets for! After signing up you will be assigned a random book blogger. Your challenge will then be to take a photo of your blogger's URL in an interesting place. For example, if you live in London you could take a photo of it with Big Ben. If you're in Sydney you could take a photo of it with the Sydney Opera House. If you don't have a famous landmark near you, how about a local one, or you could even just find anywhere that looks interesting. If you're going to a concert, how about taking a photo of the blogger's URL in front of the massive crowd? If there isn't anywhere that looks cool near you, are you going on holiday this year? Could you take a photo there? There is so much you could do! Here are some of my own (lame) examples...

Civray is a town in France, if you're wondering. The town I was in had a road sign for it because it's the town they twin with. It's 628 miles away exactly!
You will probably need to use a marker pen because as you can see, a simple biro doesn't show up very well! You will be sent a print-out like the ones I'm holding in the photos, but if you don't have a printer you could just write it out. If you're wondering, I used my own URL because if I used anyone else's I might have needed permission, and then I would have had to reveal my project to someone early! ;)

There are only 20 places available on this 'tour', so I'm sorry if you don't get a place, but I'm not willing to spend ten hours sending out emails like I did when nearly 200 people signed up to the Blog Notes Project! However, if all goes well I might do this again so if you don't get to participate this time, you might do in future. 

In the end, all photos will be compiled into one blog post for everyone to see. You can have your face in the photo if you want to - it is not a requirement - but please bear in mind that all photos will be on my blog after the tour is over. I might even participate in this one myself, actually!


Now, the part you've all been waiting for...the sign-up form! Sign-ups open June 2nd 2014 and close June 17th 2014. Confirmation emails will be sent in July. There are only 20 places available on this world tour, and bloggers will be randomly picked from the sign-ups using a random number generator. So it doesn't matter if you're in a different time zone and you're seeing this hours after everyone else - you have as good a chance as anyone!


  1. You come up with the best ideas! Seriously :D This is awesome.

  2. This sounds really exciting! :D

  3. This is such a cool idea, so of course I signed up! I do live in Minnesota though, so it's not terribly exciting, but I'm sure I could think of something!

  4. Such a fun idea. Would love to participate, but I don't know if in my town there is anything interesting to show, but I keep thinking. I'll just sign up. We'll see what happens!

  5. What a lovely idea! I won't sign up since I don't really like to share the country I'm from for privacy reasons, but I will definitely check back too see how this project turns out! Good luck to everyone who decides to join!

  6. This is so cool! I signed up, I live in London so I have a few ideas! Hopefully I get chosen.

  7. SUCH GOOD IDEAS!! Love the things you do on this blog - where on earth do you get the time?? 200 email responses to blog notes must have been stressful, but you should be so proud that so many people wanted to participate! This could really become a "thing", what a great idea to personalise blogging and showcase where bloggers come from. Fab, Amber! (On a side note, are the blog notes still being sent?? I'm patiently waiting :) )

  8. That is such an amazing idea!! I feel like my place would be boring but I'll sign up :D

  9. Love this idea!