Sunday, 9 March 2014

Blogging as a seven-year-old

I'm sure I will regret this image at some point. Older-me, if you're reading this, I apologise for embarrassing you.
Some of you may know that I've been blogging since I was just seven years old. That probably seems really weird to a lot of you! I started my first blog when I became home schooled the first time. It was great, I made a ton of friends through it, and now, years later, I can look back at mini me's thoughts!

Ah, the first guitar. The start of my addiction. Now I have seven.
'I am worried.' I don't know why that line makes me laugh so much, but it does. :')
Some people think it's cool that I was blogging at such a young age and that I'm lucky for being able to do that, while others think it's disgraceful. I wonder what those people would think if they knew I'd been using a computer since I was two...

I remember the first moment I started writing a blog post. I was seven years old, and we lived in my old house then, the one with the really small patio garden. I was sat in my pink paddling pool with an umbrella over my head because it was raining, and my grandad had recently gotten a load of free notebooks from the building site he worked on. He gave them to me. They were really big and heavy - although maybe I only think that because I was small - and I remember the papers came out really easily, but whatever. I remember writing the date at the top of the page - April, I think it was - and I started writing about the day I'd left my primary school, which hadn't been long before. Later that day, I typed it up. That was my first blog post.

Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable about the fact that I blogged so young, mainly because when people stalk my old blog posts - not naming any names *cough* Jack - I feel so embarrassed. Younger me was everything I seem to dislike about people nowadays. My lame attempts at reviews make me cringe so much, and my posts were awful. There are things I said to people in interviews a few years ago that, now, I really wish I hadn't. Apparently I didn't understand the concept of privacy. Obviously I wasn't splashing my home address and my phone number and my school all over the Internet, I wasn't that clueless, but did I really need to tell everyone so much about myself? It's embarrassing, but it's all out there now and there's nothing I can do about it. At least my old diary-like blog is private now, which is where the screenshots above are from. As Emma Watson said, "The less you reveal, the more people can wonder." She was talking about clothes (take note, Miley) but it applies here too.

On the other hand, I'm kind-of glad I got to start blogging when I was younger. I caught on to HTML and CSS pretty quickly, and by the age of ten I knew all about optimising blog posts and how to catch the attention of my readers. I'm glad I got all of that out of the way, because I honestly don't think I'd have the time to start blogging now at fifteen. I'm already in a comfortable routine, I got the awkwardly written posts out of the way before I had anything to lose. Like friends, and important publishing contacts. I once went for a year where I didn't tweet anything, and I came back to no mentions. 



But seriously, I'd say there are an equal number of pros and cons. Yes, the things I've said publicly in the past really embarrass me and I wish I could take them back, but there's nothing I can do about it. I hadn't 'discovered myself' (ew, sorry for injecting such a cliche phrase into the post), so I had an excuse for being weird and socially awkward, right? Right. 

You probably shouldn't answer that question. 

I pretty much grew up on Blogger. I remember when the dashboard was a disgusting combination of brown and navy blue, and the pre-made templates available looked really cool at the time but now, looking back, they just look basic. Blogger saw me go in to double-digits, it saw my spelling get progressively better (thank god for that) and it saw me through three different schools, my mother getting married, and any random difficulties or thoughts I had as I went from childhood to adolescence. I just wish I'd made more of an effort in the first couple of years of book blogging. I didn't really take it seriously, but now I do. I still feel like I'm trying to make up for those first two years. 

I'm not sure exactly what the point of this post was, but sometimes I feel like there's a 'personal post' in me that needs to be written, so I write it. Hopefully it was somewhat interesting... :)


  1. Obviously the way in which I say this is in a completely different situation to yours as I only started blogging when I was 13 and I'm 15 now but when I look back to when I didn't know book blogs existed and I was just trying to make my blog into something people would want to read, I seriously regret what I wrote. It just doesn't sound like me or who I am and that was little over a year ago.
    I think you've clearly come a long way in blogging and The Mile Long Bookshelf just seems to get better and better.

    Holly xxx

    1. I loved your blog back then, and I still do. Thank you so much Holly! :) xx

  2. That's so cool you've been blogging for so long. I say good on ya! It was only last year when I started that I realised there was such thing as blogging. I had heard of tumblr and that was the closest thing.

    The one thing I love about blogging is that you can see your first posts and just laugh at yourself. I love this post idea, it shows how much you've grown!

    1. Thank you! I do laugh at my old posts but I also kind-of wish they didn't exist xD

  3. I started blogging at 11 (I won't mention my 2 day monstrosity at the age of 8), on a personal blog just like you, moving on to my book blog at the age of 12 and 3/4, but I've always been into computers and such, so I've also caught on pretty quick.

    I love this post. It's beautiful. Someday, I'll have been blogging for a long time, and I'll think about how I was all the way back.

    I'm still not the most confident, but I'm getting there. Hopefully with the addition of Tori and us *attempting* to booktube, I will get there.

    I don't regret anything I've done in blogging, not even the first post back in June 2011, because blogging has made me who I am now.

    This is a really deep comment, right? But anyway. You're awesome and I stalk your 2009 posts weekly.

    Love ya, Twitter Auntie.

    1. 2 day monstrosity? Tell me more xD

      Aw thank you, Twitter Niece! I wouldn't say it's 'beautiful' but you've made my day anyway. I can't wait for you and Tori to start booktubing, it'll be great :D

      I agree, blogging has made me who I am today too, but don't they make you cringe? Even a little bit? YOUR COMMENT WAS SO DEEP I DROWNED. I feel scared because you stalk me.


  4. I think it's really awesome that you started blogging young. I know I wouldn't have known how to use a computer, let alone blog. Actually, I probably only really learned how to use a computer a year or two ago. xD

    It's great that you learned so much through blogging, a lot of other people don't get that chance. But one thing I don't get is why your so embarassed of your old posts! I think they're perfect, and the reason I think that I because you were so young. Posts should be different and cute and cringe-worthy at a younger age. When I look back at myself when I was 7, 8, 9, and I cringe my eyebrows off my face (I went through a really awkward hair phase). But I like that it makes me cringe, it's supposed to make me cringe. It's admirable to have that innocence. That innocence lasts a very short time in our lives and it's something that needs to be embraced because it's really the only time in our lives when we're truly 'ourselves' (ew cliche).

    I don't think you should be embarrassed of your older posts because it's like being embarrassed of older yourself, which isn't right, and they're also pretty mature and articulate (from what have read), so you should be nothing but proud of them. :)

    Anyway, I've made the most stupid, disgusting, awful, saddening decisions when I'm younger, so I can relate to your regrets, but I've also made pretty shitty decisions at the age I'm right now so it's really a continuous thing *sad face emoji*. But I can relate to the guilt and feeling if regret.

    Fantastic post, it's amazing to hear what it's been like being a blogger for half your life. Hope you keep blogging for another half-lifetime! *throws macarons and Doritos into the clouds*

    P.S Thanks for the mention and as you from the above comment, I'm not the only one who stalks your old posts. :P

    1. HOLY FUDGE ON A PIECE OF TOAST DO YOU REALISE HOW LONG YOUR COMMENT TURNED OUT TO BE. I can't believe you only properly learned how to use a computer a year-ish ago, and now you have a really awesome blog. Wuuuuut.

      I also went through the awkward hair phase. I'm still in it. I see your point though, it is nice to capture the childish innocence while it's still there. :)

      Thank you so much for your comment! *catches macarons and Doritos* You should really stop stalking xD

    2. YOU COULD RE-NAME YOUR BLOG 'THE BOOK STOP...STALKING.' See what I did there? Oh, the puns, the puns...:') ... *tumbleweed*

  5. Oh wow... I remember the posts that you screen-capped. :')
    I think it's amazing that you started blogging when you were 7 and it was clearly a good thing because you're a really talented blogger now - experience is valuable. ^_^ I started when I was 9 so I haven't grown up through blogging quite as much as you have, but I know what you mean when you talk about being embarrassed about old posts. Mine are seriously horrific.... xx

    1. When I was going through my old posts to screenshot some for this post, I found one of our blog parties that we used to have in the comments. :')
      Aw thank you Cat! I remember your first blog, it was so cute. :D

    2. Ohhh our blog parties! :'D I kinda wish I hadn't deleted my old posts; I think I'd be able to find some comment parties too, haha. ^_^ xx

  6. I started blogging at I think 15 (I'm almost 18 now), so that's not too bad, but I had a Dutch personal blog where I rambled about all kind of weird stuff. I also showed pictures of my penpal letters (of course addresses were blurred) and all that kind of stuff. I did enjoy it, but not that much that I actually wanted to continue it, so I forgot about it over time :P Also my boyfriend back then started following it and all and I was rambling about some personal things and he'd comment on it and getting all angry about it. Oh well. I'm glad that's all gone.

  7. I started blogging when I was 10 so I kinda understand. Nowdays, I hate the "what I did today" kind of blogs. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    You're lucky to be homeschooled!

    Great post :)

    1. Really am 11 started 10 to *give Hive* when started 10 did even knew i was book blogger or new some.

  8. Good for you! I didn't necessarily start blogging at 7, because I don't think the internet was really big then, but I did have a very early presence online, through email based simulators, play-by-post RPGs, hosting my own games and sites and then some online journaling. I learned a lot of HTML, but what's very unfortunate is that I didn't expand my knowledge or move with the times. Most of the coding I know now is outdated or simply not applicable to blogging. It was a lot easier to learn back then than it is now I feel like. :/

  9. Amber ThIs Posted am 11 and i blog got used to you like pupppy when you were young sometimes look at you older posts,just had idea never blog post you show some of your past blog templates that will be great just started 10 (and now 11) ready loving the commmmiuty.

  10. I start blogging when I had 13 (I'm 20 now)... I think I owned like 5 or 6 differents blogs through all that times, but I deleted them later; my first blog was about celebrity and news, I think that I wanted to publish what I like (I always like to know the news and write, and all of that... Also I'm study jounalism) but really didn't have the passion to do it. So I just started them and when I was over I delated them (The good thing, neither of them have readers XD!)... My currently blog is about books and I really like it; I have 5 years with it and I love it!

    Also like you, my pots that time was horrible. I wasn't sure what I was doing, my writing wasn't good. And at so many levels I feel embarrassed of what I wrote...

    But I had learned so much through all my blogger life and I won't change it for anything!