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BLOG TOUR: Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young | Tag

Caroline is at a crossroads. Her whole family is on her back, and her grandmother, the only person who really understands her, is sick, maybe dying. All she wants to do is escape. So when her best friend suggests a night out to forget her troubles, Caroline must choose: stay by her grandmother's side, or go to the party and live her life... and maybe meet the boy of her dreams.

This decision will split Caroline's fate into two separate paths - and she's about to live them both. But there can only be one happy ending...

Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young are two of my favourite YA authors, so when I was offered a place on the blog tour for their new book, I instantly accepted. However, this blog tour is a bit different. Due to the fact that Just Like Fate was written by two different authors and it features two different life paths, each blogger on the tour has been paired up with another blogger to host a day of the tour together. Today is mine and Jack's day, and we have come up with a Just Like Fate tag for you all to participate in! Make sure to check out The Book Stop to see Jack's answers to these questions.

If by some chance of fate a book from your wish list or anything else you desire could magically fall into your hands, what would you like it to be?
Suzanne: Right now, I would love a family vacation. I've had my eye on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for a while.
Cat: Wait, I'm part of your family, right?
Suzanne: Totally. You can be a stowaway in my suitcase.
Cat: I've seen how you pack. I won't fit. Oh wait, I should answer the question. I would like a clone for a month. I'm feeling oversubscribed and think that another Me could help.
Me: You might want to bring a second suitcase, Amber-sized.

If you had the chance to go back in time and change a certain decision or choice, would you?
Cat: I'm going to say no. I think our mistakes really shape who we are. The things I did when I was younger are a great frame of reference for me as I think of my twin daughters approaching their teen years. Some of my mistakes still make me cringe, but I don't think I'd change them.
Suzanne: Honestly? I would. Although I've learned to live with my mistakes, I wouldn't mind going back to fix a few of them. For example: spending more time with my grandmother when I could.
Me: I have to go with Suzanne on that one. I've been in way too many embarrassing situations.

If you didn't like reading or writing, what would your alternative pastime be?
Suzanne: Acting. I took years of theater in college and absolutely loved it.
Cat: Seriously? I never knew that about you. That's fantastic. I'd be a drummer, and/or skate in a roller derby team. I have no idea how to drum, and I haven't been on skates in decades, but I envision myself a drumming version of Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.
Me: I'd say sleeping, but I actually think I'd be really sporty. Snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, basketball, dance...

Are you known for worrying about the choices you make, or do you have no regrets?
Suzanne: I'm in bed every night rethinking the choices I've made.  I’m a mess like that.
Me: Me too.
Cat: I'm too tired at night to worry about things I've done. Though sometimes I don't follow my own rule, I really try not to waste energy with worry. If it's something fixable - or an instance when I am at fault and need to apologise - I do that quickly and try to move on.
Suzanne: Like that time you laughed so hard that you spit your drink on my new dress.
Cat: Yes. Like that time.

If you were given the ability to see two different outcomes of your future, would you choose to look?
Suzanne: Yep. I've always found What Ifs to be fascinating. In fact, I play out the consequences of a decision in my head (both sides) all the time, so knowing the possible outcome for sure would make my decision-making much easier!
Cat: For sure!
Me: I would look a few months into the future, but I wouldn't want to look any further than that...

Has a book ever influenced a decision you had to make?
Suzanne: In college I had a rough patch emotionally, and I turned to books. A few that I read from Toni Morrison really helped me build up my strength and self-worth, see things in a different way. Her books changed my life.
Cat: I can't think of a time when a book helped me make a decision, but every day, books inspire me. When I'm having a hard time writing, reading something amazing from another author sets my mind straight and gets my creativity flowing.
Me: For me, there was a series of short books I read a couple of years ago about a girl who got to do work-experience at a magazine. That series really confirmed for me that I want to work in journalism, and my decision hasn't changed since then.

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Make sure to send either me or Jack the link to your tag post when you've completed it! I can't wait to read all of your answers.

But that's not all...
I'm sure you're all desperate to get your hands on a copy of Just Like Fate by now. Well, if you have a Twitter account, you're in with a good chance of winning your own copy! @EgmontUK will be giving away 3 copies of the book to 3 lucky winners before 3pm on March 27th. I feel like I should make a fate-related pun here, but I won't, don't worry. Good luck!

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