Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Interview with Jack from The Book Stop!

Today please give a warm welcome to one of my favourite bloggers Jack from The Book Stop! He has been blogging for less than a year but The Book Stop already has a dedicated following and his reviews are the best out there. Read on to find out his aim in life (spoiler: it includes macarons) and his absolute favourite YA book, amongst other things...
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Hi Jack! Welcome to The Mile Long Bookshelf that is possibly a few miles longer than the title suggests. *passes you Doritos* Only the best snacks here! To start off, tell us a bit about you and your blog The Book Stop.

If the best snacks were here, there would be macarons. I'm underwhelmed. ;P

I ate them already.

Anyway, let's get started *grabs pack of Doritos* So, I like Doritos and macarons. My goal in life is to eat a popcorn macaron. I live in Ireland, I recently joined and am addicted to Pinterest, and I desperately wish I knew what I wanted to do when I'm older. Oh, and I like to read sometimes too. My blog, The Book Stop, is almost one year old. It's basically a place filled with my thoughts on books, reviews and the like if you're into that sorta stuff. :P

How did you decide to start book blogging and how did you find out about book blogging in general?

Early 2013, I joined Goodreads as a way of motivating myself to read more. Seeing other people's reviews on GR inspired me and I started writing my own short reviews of books I'd read. In April, I then decided to take it a step further and start a book blog. I had no idea how big and welcoming the community was. I used to look at blogs like The Mile Long Bookshelf and never would of thought of speaking to, let alone becoming friends with the people who run such professional, popular blogs. I've just fallen in love with the blogging community. It truly is a fantastic thing.

*takes Doritos from you* That’s enough now, they’re mine. What is your favourite book?

^_- Don't even try, Amber. *takes packet of Doritos from pocket* I always carry a spare. ;)

Wow, my favourite book? That's a tough one. Recently I read How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff and have said it's my all time favourite YA. Yes, that's right Amber. MEG ROSOFF. :P

We can no longer be friends. 

As for my favourite adult novel, I simply couldn't choose. I feel like I have a lot more to explore before I can officially crown one my 'favourite'.

What are you reading at the moment?

Currently halfway through This Is The Life by Alex Shearer. Although, Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy McGinnis is resting right in front of me, just waiting to be savagely read!

I'm surprised you didn't start reading that book as soon as it arrived!  What do you think you’ll be doing in ten years time?

Probably hiking through the Himalayas, or sky diving, or asking my butler to bring me gourmet Pringles while I count my millions. But you know, just a guess.

Sounds pretty casual. Sure you don't want to aim for something higher? ;P Can you give us a tip for new book bloggers who might be reading this?

Write what you want. Don't try and fit into blogging trends, or try to copy other blogs. Make your blog stand out, but keep it real and try to communicate to your readers in a relatable way. Show off your personality. And maintain honesty in your words.

So true. Bloggers, take note of those words of wisdom. What do you like doing other than blogging?

For fun, I like to hang glide on a Dorito.


But seriously, I got a camera for Christmas and I can't stop taking pictures. You will find the most random photos on my camera roll! I also really like eating, drawing, throwing stones across the road... ._.

I also love admiring my emoji stickers.

And stalking people on Pinterest. Watch out.

And I'm a twitter-addict too, obviously.

...Same. Again. Except throwing stones across the road. That's, erm, quite a unique hobby. What are the first two things you would do if you took over the world?

Turn everyone I don't like into a food of my choice so I could eat them. And enforce a new law that states all countries must have the moon emoji on their flag. I'm sure you'd agree.

Of course I agree. Everyone, vote Jack to take over the world. Do unicorns exist?

You tell me, Amber. You tell me.

Plot twist: You're talking to one right now. If you had to listen to either Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber or Lorde for the rest of your life who would you pick?

Lorde, obviously! Why'd you even include the other two, Amber? You must be obsessed with them.

Because you totally didn't add Lorde into the question yourself. What do you want your blog to achieve before the end of 2014?

I want it to be the most famous blog on the planet. Just kidding, just kidding. I'd like to get into a comfortable routine of posting with my blog, find ways to make it more unique, and develop my reviews and writing in general.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Amber! I loved answering these questions. See ya! *runs away with all the Doritos*

Thanks Jack! ...But give back the Doritos.

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  1. "I like to hang glide on a dorito" *dies of laughter* Haha you two absolutely crack me up! Pretty sure the world would implode if you met in real life!
    Such an awesome interview :D

    1. Yeeeah, it probably would. Or a war would break out over macarons. xD
      Thanks Rebekah!

  2. You guys are absolutely hilarious! Quite the unique interview.

  3. Thanks you so much Amber for interviewing me! These were the best questions ever, seriously. And I really enjoyed answering them.

    *hang glides on a Dorito into the sunset*

    1. Did you also enjoy... umm, tweaking them? XD Lorde… I pronounce it different anyway, even if I'm not supposed to. Christians *might* be entitled to… She's definitely more royal than the options (which make for an impossible question if the only ones). But, still, changing them, LOL. It really made me laugh ;) It will really mean you can't come on my blog to be interviewed XD Maybe…
      You mentioned almost as much food as possible… but popcorn macaroons, not chocolate, don't lie! Doritos are mainly nice but I can't handle the red ones ;)
      I feel like we should talk about books now :L I need to second your advice for bloggers ;) Honesty, relating to others & being yourself, not being scared to say what you think… All key & my blog would be horribly different without them - as for the majority, I hope. So cute, I have almost no words, how you knew Amber's blog before & just… Aww!
      You don't need to tell me you're a Twitter Addict. You're already my blogger buddy & I follow, with love, your blog. You're getting up to a year now? It seems like loads are. I'm like, a little older XD Anyway, I love that it's been around that long! I really do & this interview was heaps enjoyable also! :D
      Laters (probably),
      Amy Bookworm :)

    2. *faints because of the blog post you just wrote in the comments xD* I don't care if your comment wasn't aimed at me, I'm replying anyway. ;) I personally don't think the unedited question would have been too impossible for Jack, seeing as he loves Miley.

      The red Doritos aren't even spicy, they are PERFECTION. <3 That is all I have to say. xD

      Thanks Amy! :D

    3. Oh yeah, I forgot to reply to Jack's original comment... I'm not sure about best questions ever but the answers definitely were. :P *hang glides on a dorito on the way to buy more doritos*

    4. You're wasting Doritos by not eating them, both of you. Ashamed.
      No, blog posts for me are still longer. I just do everything in an extended, waffly way. But no, I don't like waffles so it's more... chocolatey?
      Don't faint. It was short for me, kinda... I said it was aimed at both so awesome you responded :P I learnt today that Jack actually liked her. But I'm thinking you're lying so... maybe not.
      Well, to me, they are. Orange & Blue all the way ;) TBF I always need really mild stuff. The only thing that should be spicy but I don't think is happens to be sweet chilly sauce. RED DORITOS SET MY TOUNGUE ON FIRE, AMBER.
      *now waits to see if Jack wants to respond* He should do... Will tweet :P

    5. Yes, Amy, I very much enjoyed tweaking them, actually. xD I like the read and blue Doritos. I love anything spicy tbh, but I can't handle the orange ones, they make me cringe. >.<

      I know, I thought Amber was like this superior queen in the blogging world, but now I realise she's just an aul macaron. :P

      Amber -_- I hate Miley. Sorry Amy, Amber's just so obsessed with her that she likes to pretend everyone loves her too. :P

      So glad you enjoyed the interview! :D Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Love the layout for The Book Stop! Very polished!

  5. pahahaha i would comment on everything jack just said but it would end up as a post like Amy's and I AINT GOT TIME FO' DAT.
    i just want to say.
    a) i like to hanglide on doritos too.
    b) will you share some of that money with me please? ;p

    1. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
      a) I'm sure you do.
      b) I stole his money and spent it on Pringles.

    2. Amy had time for dat. I'm disappointed, Hawwa. :P
      a) you haven't been trained so if you can't hang glide on a Dorito or you will die.
      b) Amber accidentally ate the money because she thought they were Pringles.

    3. well that was a fail on Amber's part and hey, if you're qualified stop wasting your only talent and teach me. ;)