Saturday, 25 January 2014


Last night I posted this on Twitter...

...and it caused a lot of interest. So, as the nice blogger I am, I thought I would give you guys first pick of the lot! All you need to do is pay for postage! All of these books are YA and in great condition unless otherwise stated.


- UK only (Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland.)
- I'm charging a flat rate for all books to make things easier and quicker. If you're not happy to pay this, don't reserve a book. I would love to be able to send all of these without requiring postage money, but I can't afford to do that!
- Let me know that you want the book by tweeting me @MileLongBookS so I can cross it off the list. AFTER I have replied to your tweet, please pay for postage using the PayPal address I will send you via DM.
- Postage is £3 per package. Maximum of 2 books per package.

EDIT: Originally this post contained photos of the books I was giving away. These have since been deleted so avoid confusion. 

So, to recap. I'm charging £3 per package to cover postage, and there is a maximum of 2 books per package. This is for residents of the UK only. Please tweet me which book/s you would like, and wait for me to confirm it before you pay. Pay using the PayPal address I will give you. If your postal address is different to your address registered with PayPal, enter it in the 'Add Special Instructions to Seller' box, along with your Twitter handle.


  1. You're too generous! Thank you for this! :')

  2. So generous! If only I was in the UK :(

  3. mainly all the books i went are go but this cross mean gone?

  4. EEP this is such a good idea! You are SO generous, Amber :D I'm not sure I could do this, hehe. I'm looking forward to mine arriving! Is there a deadline for the money?

  5. Wow that's so nice! Aaaah I wish I lived in the UK sometimes.

  6. This is awesome that you are sharing with fellow bloggers. I took all my books I had to the charity shop after christmas.

    Have a great week! =)

    Following you on Bloglovin. Appreciate the follow back:

    Opinionated Cupcakes

    Rinny & Kimmy
    Opinionated Cupcakes

  7. Wow, that's a lot of books! I did see your post on Twitter, but hadn't seen the amount of books. It's great to see that they looked to have mostly been grabbed :)

    I took a couple of tote bags full of books over to a friend's this week and came home to find 6 books waiting for me... Ooops! :)

  8. wow thats a lotta books! thanks for the chance to grab some though