Sunday, 17 November 2013

Roller Girls: Boot Camp Blues by Megan Sparks

Title: Boot Camp Blues
Author: Megan Sparks
Published by: Curious Fox
Publication date: 12th September 2013
Pages: 199
Genres: Young Adult/Contemporary/Sports
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher

This review contains spoilers, which I have covered up. To see spoilers please highlight the blackened text.

Ladies, get your glitter and your skates on!

Annie Turner is single again and it really kind of sucks. It doesn't help that her ex is now going out with a cheerleader! But she's also confused by her new feelings for skater boy Jesse. They're just friends...aren't they? Meanwhile, Annie and her roller girls are each desperate to make the cut for an all-star team. Tensions run high as the teammates compete against each other for roller glory.

Will the stars in Annie's eyes get in the way of her friendship?

In 'Boot Camp Blues' it's building up to Valentine's Day and Annie's spirits are running low as she recently dumped her boyfriend Tyler. With both of her parents dating other people, Annie can't help but feel depressed. Then she gets an anonymous Valentine's card and a CD. She instantly assumes it's from her Dad trying to make her feel better, but maybe she shouldn't completely rule out the whole 'secret admirer' thing. And then she's off to Roller Derby boot camp for a week with her friends, where we get to witness everything that could go wrong, going wrong...

This is the last book in the series but it doesn't feel like it's over. So much happened in this book that I feel there should be at least two more books in the series. I want to hear more about Annie and Jesse's relationship - I waited four books for that to happen - and Annie's place on the all-star team. I want to see more of Annie's Dad's relationship with Coach Ritter. There is so much potential for this series to carry can't be over, surely? I'm not the only one who feels this way!

I really liked this book, especially the dialogue between Annie and Jesse. I also liked the fact that Holly's more vulnerable side was shown because I hadn't liked her that much before. It's really obvious that all of the characters have grown into themselves which is really nice to see.

Overall, I really liked this book but I - along with many others - am so sad to see the end of the series! Fingers crossed for more Roller Girls books. They always manage to put a huge smile on my face!


  1. I feel exactly the same about it carrying on!!! We waited FOUR WHOLE BOOKS and then we get ONE scene at the end. Meh. But yes, great review Amber and I really hope there is another book!

    1. I know! If there isn't another book I will cry. :(

      Thanks Charli!

  2. Ooh, might have to have a look out for these - they look good!

  3. I just started the series and I can't wait to read the other books. The one I'm reading now is Falling Hard. It's been pretty good so far. Great review, Amber! :)

  4. These look good. I saw that Whip It was on television yesterday, and that reminded me I love this kind of stuff. The Roller Girls series looks like Whip It in book form-ish.