Saturday, 30 November 2013

BLOG TOUR: Freaks by Lisa M Forester + Giveaway!

Title: Freaks
Author: Lisa M. Forester
Published by: Self published
Publication date: 28th November 2013
Pages: 228
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the author.

Nobody's perfect... or are they?

Abigail always knew that she was different, but what she didn't know was just how different.

That was until her 16th birthday, when her parent's revealed a devastating secret that confirmed her worst fears and changed her life forever.

Abigail is an Allelobrid: one of five children born as a result of their parents illegal science experiment in genetic engineering. The aim: to create a perfect human.

Yet perfection comes at a price.

Forced into a life on the run, Abigail finds love, danger and an organisation that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

When lives are at risk and freedom is threatened - could being perfect be enough to survive?

I can't stop freaking out - no pun intended - over how awesome this book is. Back when I participated in the cover reveal in October I was fangirling pretty hard. Now, after finishing the book, I'm fangirling even more.

Abigail has always been different - she is incredibly smart, she never gets ill and her physical fitness is so perfect she could run forever if she wanted to. Her parents have never allowed her to excel even though she could get A* grades in all her subjects so she's always had to maintain average grades at school. However, everything she has ever known changes on her monumental sixteenth birthday. She is an Allelobrid, of which there are only 5 in the world, and people are coming after her.

Freaks is a unique blend of science and romance; I loved it. The characters were well-developed and interesting and I especially liked the dialogue between Abbie and Max, another Allelobrid. This book is full of action and I truly cared about everyone...except the bad people, obviously. Everyone had their own voice and I adored being able to witness the characters develop! Something else Forester is good at is imagery; I could see everything happening so clearly in my head because her descriptions are so good! I'm really impressed with how Forester maintained the scientific and coming-of-age sides of the story whilst also developing the characters so realistically.

Forester writes with flourish and Freaks left me awestruck - this book definitely needs more attention! This is one of those rare but awesome occasions where I couldn't find anything wrong with the book. Perfect pace, perfect characters, perfect plot...maybe the book is secretly an Allelobrid too! ;) Seriously though, this book blew my mind and I cannot wait for the sequel. This book is definitely one to watch out for!
You are a lucky lot today because guess what? You have the chance to win a signed copy of Freaks for yourself as well as some extra goodies!

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  1. Great giveaway and excellent review.
    I've spoken to Lisa on twitter recently and I'm definitely going to buy the book. I'd love to win this because the book sounds amazing and to have all this to go with it would be brilliant :)

    1. Thank you Holly! May the odds be ever in your favour. :D

  2. I'd love to win because I love the sound of this and the cover is beautiful!! Lisa is so lovely, too. Great review Amber!

  3. I want to win because the book sounds really good, the author is lovely on twitter and I have been interested in this book for quite a while.

    1. Lisa is lovely, and so is the book :D Good luck!

  4. I LOVE the premise of Freaks! Fab review and thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I really want to win because I've seen so many great things about it, and the cover looks absolutely superb! Thanks for the giveaway, Amber! And brilliant review :)

  6. I want to win because the book is really great, the cover is interesting too..
    And your review is really great!! I love to read your review anyway.. ^_^
    Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  7. I want to win because the book looks great and the cover is really interesting too..
    Your review is great too.. and I love to read your review anyway.. ^_^
    Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  8. I would really love to win because I am a huge reader. I love books and I love reading freaks!!