Wednesday, 30 October 2013

HALLOWEEN WEEK GUEST POST: A Bookish Halloween by Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes

Halloween is TOMORROW! Are you a bit stuck for costume ideas like I am? Today I am pleased to welcome Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes to Halloween Week at The Mile Long Bookshelf! She will be showing you the best book characters you can dress up as for Halloween so please give her a warm welcome! Over to you, Cat. :)

Hello! I'm Cat; resident blogger over at Through A Cat's Eyes and I feel very honored to be guest posting on Amber's amazing blog! I really look up to Amber and have known her for a long time so this is pretty awesome. ^__^

Halloween is coming up fast and I personally can't wait; I love dressing up. My past costumes have been good (if I do say so myself) but I'm determined to outdo myself this year and as I am a massive bookworm, I'm thinking of something bookish! :D I've picked 5 characters - 3 female and 2 male - all of which I think could be unisex if you really wanted them to be (just make a few changes), and all of which are from book -to-film adaptations so you have a clearer idea of what the costume could look like. Here are some of my ideas for book-related Halloween costumes!

It was only right to include a couple of Harry Potter characters here and although it was tempting to go with the obvious, main characters, I decided to pick my favourites. Luna Lovegood is my favourite female character in HP and I feel like she would make an awesome Halloween character. You could be really creative with her costume as she's known for her outrageous outfits, crazy glasses and lion hats. I felt like she would be the most interesting character to dress as for Halloween as you could adopt her personality for the night and be all ditzy and away with the fairies. I might go as Luna...:D

The male HP character I chose is one of my favourites and again, I thought he would make a really great costume as he has a very strong, bad-ass personality. Draco Malfoy is terrible; so bitter, blunt and hateful but for some reason, I love him...His costume would be pretty easy to get a hold of and everyone would know who you were dressed as which is always a bonus, haha. :P I think you could really have some fun with his personality as he's so mean and has some killer one-liners.

Coraline is one of my very favourite animated films and the book by Neil Gaiman is amazing, but for some reason Coraline is always overlooked when it comes to costumes. Her yellow raincoat, wellies and star jumper is iconic and even though she's a cartoon, her costume translates into real life perfectly. Coraline has a really strong personality as well and she is super sarcastic, so I think her persona would be awesome for Halloween. ^_^

Pretty much everyone and their dog loves The Hunger Games now that they've been turned into films but since I read the books, I've loved Katniss Everdeen. Her outfit when she's competing (and her plait that stays perfect throughout the games) is pretty iconic now so I thought it would make a really great Halloween costume. My friend, Beka, dressed as Katniss last Halloween and looked awesome. :D

My final choice is a bit of a more obscure one that I haven't really seen before - R from Warm Bodies. R is one of my all-time favourite characters; he's insanely lovable, caring and ditzy. It would be really fun to dress as a zombie for Halloween so he seemed like a good choice. You could be more vague about it and just go as a zombie but I feel like you could have some fun with the character of R and adopt his personality along with the costume.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post and have an awesome, book-ish Halloween!

Cat xx


  1. Great Guest Post Cat! For the past few years I haven't really dressed up at all, but have decided that this year I'm going for either Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley as neither are that different.
    Really interesting post and have a good Halloween - Holly x

  2. Awesome guest post, Cat! I love these ideas... *nods* yes, Luna is awesome *sighs* ah, Draco... *oohs* Coraline, never thought of that *woots* KATNISS WOOT *questions* never heard of him!

    You get the point. Great post :D