Sunday, 15 September 2013

Undeniable by Liz Bankes

Title: Undeniable
Author: Liz Bankes
Published by: Piccadilly Press
Publication date: 23rd July 2013
Pages: 224
Genres: New Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher

Gabi is so excited - she's spending the summer working as a runner on her favourite TV show. It's a dream come true! Plus it's perfect for distracting her from The Break-Up - especially with all those gorgeous actors around.

And then there's Spencer: student, extra, expert flirt. Everything with him is fun, exciting - and uncertain. Things between them are hotting up when he lands a minor role in the show. So is it make or break for them? Is Spencer undeniably the one for Gabi?

Gabi is ditzy, hyper and a little bit mad, so it's no surprise that the way she meets Spencer is by falling off a train. When she discovers they will be working together for the summer, secrets are told, secrets are kept and the sense of endless possibilities buzzes around them. It's undeniable that there is something between them, but the road of love never does run smooth.

The characters were well formed and believable, but the thing is...I didn't really like Gabi. Or Spencer. They had their good moments when I was cheering them on or laughing at things they said, but most of the time they kind of annoyed me! I judge characters based on this: Would I get on with them in real life? Would I at least like them? And this time, the answer was sadly no, to both of them.

However, I really liked the secondary characters! Gabi's little sister Millie was hilarious. We didn't actually see much of her, but there is a scene where her and Gabi are on the phone having typical sibling banter and I was genuinely laughing out loud.
And then there was Gabi's Granny, who was really cool and not your typical nan (although she reminded me a lot of mine.) She didn't act old at all and her and Gabi were almost like best friends, or as much as you can be with your own grandma.
Next we have Max, Gabi's ex. For most of the book, I didn't like him. We saw flashbacks of him when he was in his relationship with Gabi and to be honest he seemed a bit gross, most of the time! But towards the end of the book he seemed like a much better person so that was good.

The plot was okay but it wasn't much different from books I've read before. I hate to say it, but it's true! Girl goes to city on a summer job, girl finds boy, they have a fling. The book is full of humour which is great and probably my favourite thing about it! I think a lot of people would enjoy 'Undeniable' as a light, summer read but sadly it just didn't work for me.

It was nice and short so that's something (I've been reading way too many long novels, lately) and it didn't require much thought so it was fun to escape into for a while. My rating for this book is 3/5.


  1. Shame it was your typical girl meets boy summer fling sorta thing. I always have to like the characters so that sucks that neither of them took your fancy. Though its good that luckily it was short rather then too lengthy. Great Review Amber!

  2. Hmm, this does seem very predictable and typical. That's why I didn't bother so a review copy. I hate unoriginal stories, so I won't be going near this. Your review was AMAZEBALLS.