Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Title: Time Between Us
Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Published by: Random House
Publication date: 4th July 2013
Pages: 384
Genres: Young Adult/Contemporary/Romance/Time-travel
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher

CHICAGO, 1995.
Anna is sixteen, and fiercely determined to travel the world.

Bennett is seventeen...and desperately trying to stay in one place.

Their paths were never supposed to cross. But Bennett has the incredible ability to travel through time and space, and suddenly finds himself in Anna's world.

They are inescapably drawn together - but it can never last. For no matter how hard Bennett tries to stay with Anna, his unpredictable gift will inevitably knock him right back to where he belongs - and Anna will be left alone to pick up the pieces.

Anna lives in Chicago, IL and she has done all her life. At sixteen, she already knows that her dream is to travel the world and to be free, but she can't do that. Until she meets Bennett. Bennett becomes the love of her life, but he has an incredible secret. He can visit anywhere he wants in the world, and he can travel to different times, which is how he met Anna. Will their relationship work or will the love get lost somewhere along the way?

There has been a ton of hype about this book, so when the publisher offered it to me, I was like this:

Luckily my happy dance wasn't for nothing, because this book did not disappoint. Be warned, this book is very addictive and you won't be able to put it down! Anna and Bennett have easily become one of my favourite book-couples, along with Silver and Butterfly and Hermione and Ron. They were clearly meant for each other! As I got towards the middle of the book I felt a heavy sense of dread because you know the relationship is - under no circumstances - meant to work. At all. They should never have met in the first place as he is seventeen years into the future, but when Bennett goes back in time to straighten out a mistake, their worlds collide in a way neither of them can first.

This book has been referred to as The Time Traveller's Wife for teens, and I have to agree. I saw that film last year, but this book is even better. It is so wonderfully written! Here's a tip: If you're in a book slump, READ THIS. It will get you out of it in an instant!

I loved Anna. She is headstrong, independent and smart which is everything a female heroine should be. I liked her fascination with travel, so when Bennett showed up and gave her the world, I felt so happy for her! I found it sweet how Bennett wanted what Anna had - a loving family and roots - and Anna wanted what Bennett had - the ability to go to whatever country he chose. Freedom. I adored Anna and Bennett equally, actually. I could understand how difficult it must have been for him, but both of them had very mature attitudes and I think they handled the time-travel thing well.

The tag line on this book is 'Make every second count'. I love that because it's true. If you don't make every second count, what have you lived for? There is so much emotion in this book and....just...argh. I love it! 'Time Between Us' really blew me away. It's about living life to the full and making choices for yourself. Picking which paths to go down and making every minute count. Go to the shop. I implore you to pick it up, take it to the counter, pay for it and read it!

I'm not ashamed to admit that some parts did confuse me. Mostly the time travel parts. I was so immersed into the story that I guess I wasn't properly concentrating on the tiny details where Bennett was explaining scientifically how he actually 'travels'. It didn't stop me from enjoying the story, though! It's one of the best time-travel romances of all time - no pun intended...

The plot is rich and the whole thing in general is so imaginative and...different. Sure, it's been compared to The Time Traveller's Wife - even by myself - but there is something that sets it apart from the rest. Maybe it's the fact that it's YA and not Adult, I'm not sure. All I know is that this book is beautiful and enchanting!

When the end of the book came, I was so sad. 'What happens next?!?!' I thought. And then I turned the page....and there was an advertisement for the sequel. Yes, my inner fangirl did scream, don't judge me! I am so excited for the sequel! Beautiful, thought-provoking and enchanting, what's not to love?


  1. I quite liked this one, too :) it was nice how they were both jealous of what each other had and they were pretty adorable together!
    Awesome review, Amber :D

  2. I agree with you about some parts being confusing. I think that's an unfortunate byproduct of time travel