Saturday, 7 September 2013

Letter to my younger blogging self

You've been blogging for three years now. Do you know what you're doing yet? No, not really. You should stop having the 'virtual parties' in the blog post comments with Cat, you'll only be embarrassed about them later. Concentrate on posting things that people will want to read, instead! Post things that won't make you cringe when you're fourteen, PLEASE, I beg you...

You're going to start a book blog in a couple of months. It's going to be called The Mile Long Bookshelf. Here's a tip: Blog more than a couple of times a month. Otherwise, how are you meant to build a readership? Also, stop disappearing from your blog for months on end just because you're 'bored'. Aw, you're so young with so much to learn.  Wait four years, you'll feel much more organised.

The nasty girl who will keep commenting horrible things on your blog posts - take no notice. Do not - I repeat do not - make a blog post called 'If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it at all' with a screenshot of the comment because that's just going to give her attention and it will make her carry on. She'll stop a couple of months later anyway.

Plus, later this year when your Mum gets married, for goodness sake do not post the location. Nothing bad happens but you know that's dangerous, right? Luckily, your fourteen-year-old self knows that which means you must have learnt your lesson at some point.

Please get someone to have some input on your blog design because otherwise it will end up like this and you don't want that to happen.

Hey, little Amber, PATIENCE IS KEY! You probably don't even know what that means, you're still in your High School Musical/Camp Rock stage. Just be patient because your blog will turn out how you want it to be, eventually. Wow, this blog post is cheesy...*removes cheddar cheese from the Blogger dashboard*.

Make friends like Zoe, Sunny, Jack, Charli and Sophie (to name a few) because they're awesome and blogging friends make the whole blogging thing a lot more fun!

Finally...stick with blogging. Because one day you'll be able to say you've been blogging for half of your life which is a freaking awesome achievement. You'll have various blogging breaks where you won't blog for a few months but someone will always pull you out of it.

Lots of love,
Yourself, 5 years in the future xxx


  1. I loved your letter! I know its not possible but if you were able to receive something like that when you began blogging it would help so much, I know that it definitely would have helped me.
    Holly xx

  2. Aww, that's so cute Amber! I guess we're all a little like that at 10! All your points reign true! And I love having you as a bloggy friend :)

    Charli x

  3. Naww such a cute letter. We all look back and cringe but I guess it shows how far we've come. And your patience has worked because your blog is awesome. And hey don't worry, I was obsessed with both HSM and Camp Rock. Thanks for mentioning me, it's made my day and I love having you as a bloggy friend. Great Post :)

    1. But the thing is, I still have a High School Musical laundry basket in my's getting replaced next month though, PHEW. Thanks for your lovely comment, Sunny!

  4. AMBER I LOVE THIS POST! I wish I could have told myself so many things when I was ten, I had no confidence whatsoever! And, thank you so much for mentioning me - blogging buddies are the best. We all look back and cringe but, I'm so happy you stuck with blogging!
    Sophie x

    1. SOPHIE I LOVE YOUR COMMENT! Hehe thank you, I'm glad you stuck with blogging too. :)

  5. Your post is lovely and wise and an encouragement as well. Thank you! :)

  6. so i'm really not your friend anymore because you didn't include my name. *cries*