Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DISCUSSION: Does your preferred book genre change with the seasons?

I was having a think the other day about publication timing. As a book blogger it's really noticeable when the marketing world 'changes season'. For example, from August onwards I start getting spooky books to review - all of them with a review deadline of around Halloween -  and from October onwards I'll start receiving Christmas/New Year themed books to review.

At the moment I'm on my 'Halloween Run' as I like to call it, which is basically where I've received most of the Halloween-ish books I'll be getting to review this year and they turn out to be all that I read in that time period. No time for fluffy contemporaries and sweet coming-of-age novels - they're for summer, didn't you know? ;)

Now I'm reading my books for Halloween, I've found myself liking the paranormal/sci-fi/horror genres more and more. I suppose it's because I'm reading them more often. So overall my question is...

Do the seasons effect what books you read at a certain time?


  1. That's so true! I tend to be reading all the scifi, fantasy, darker sort of books this season and contemporaries during the summer. For some reason I read the dystopians earlier this year in like autumn. Great Post

    1. Australian seasons confuse me haha :P Glad someone agrees with my post though. Thanks Sunny!

  2. I don't really read Halloweeny novels, as I've never seen then around- perhaps that will change with book blogging. I do prefer contemporary during the summer, and always have, even before I knew it was a genre, if you get what I mean!

  3. I don't think the seasons what I read. I mostly choose books according to what's going on in my life. If I'm feeling down, I might choose a breezy read or if I have a lot of leisure time I will choose a long read regardless of the genre.

  4. I haven't really thought about it, but I guess I slightly lean towards horror books as Halloween approaches. If not horror, then at least something with magic or witches.

  5. I'm definitely more inclined to pick up certain genres depending on the season. For some reason, every winter I go on a huge fantasy kick (or at least, I WANT to go on a huge fantasy kick) and in the summer, I'm all about the contemporary books. I'm not sure why though, it just happens, haha.

  6. Fall is the only time I really read a genre because of the season. Halloween's one of my favorite holidays and horror is one of my favorite genres so it seems only natural to read more of it then, right?