Friday, 20 September 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag

I've seen this tag going around on lots of beauty blogs recently, and although I haven't actually been tagged, I decided to bring it to the book blogging corner of the Internet. So, here we are! It may seem simple; just write 50 facts about yourself, yeah? But it's actually quite hard.
  1. I'm British but I hate tea and I don't look like Emma Watson. Shocking, right?
  2. Sour Cream and Onion Pringles take up 99% of my diet.
  3. I am a perfectionist. I will spend hours over something to make it perfect and, if it isn't perfect, I'll get really stressed.
  4. I'm one of the biggest fangirls you will ever meet!
  5. I'm really sarcastic, like Jace from The Mortal Instruments...ehem.
  6. YouTube is MY LIFE.
  7. My favourite YouTubers are Emma Blackery, Cherry Wallis, Cimorelli, charlieissocoollike, danisnotonfire, Amazing Phil, MacBarbie07, StilaBabe09, BeautyBySiena, Jack and Finn, LukeIsNotSexy, Jenna Marbles, Catrific, Zoella, Alex Day, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Michelle Phan, Ryan Beatty, Megan and Liz, Christina Grimmie and Daily Grace. 
  8. There's this thing, I can't remember what it's called but it's basically Dyslexia with numbers and I think I have it.
  9. I'm very immature and people look down on me for it. I find that quite sad because I'm having fun and they're clearly not. ;)
  10. I overuse smileys. Whoops. :P
  11. All of the members of my favourite band and their brother all follow me on Twitter. OH YEAH *fist pump*
  12. I find making graphics really fun, so, if you want me to make you one then just let me know.
  13. You can usually find me staring at my phone screen as I scroll through Facebook and Twitter for...hours...
  14. When I was little I had a heart murmur. This usually means you have a hole in your heart, but I didn't because I'm, erm, awesome like that. :P I think mine has healed now though. Hopefully. :)
  15. I haven't seen the City of Bones movie yet but I REALLY hope they film City of Ashes!
  16. My mum is an artist and I've inherited her love for all things creative, yay. :)
  17. I like those quote pictures that seem to clog up Tumblr. I know they're mainstream but...meh...
  18. This is taking way longer than I thought it would.
  19. I ship loads of people, for example: Dramione, Romione, Clace, Malec, Sisabelle, Phan and more. Try and guess who they are. :D
  20. I have 7 guitars.
  21. As you may have guessed by my last fact, I play guitar. I also play piano.
  22. I really like dance, but I haven't done it as an extra curricular since I was 7, so I never really got a chance to pursue it as more than just a hobby. 
  23. I used to be a cheerleader and I came 3rd in  Nationals and 2nd in Regionals. Yaaay.
  24. I really enjoy photography! Must. Get. A. Tripod.
  25. I'd really like to run a fashion blog but I doubt I'd have time, with this blog and school and GCSEs...
  26. I've been using a computer since I was 2 years old. 
  27. I'm 15 next month which is a bit weird seeing as, mentally, I am a 10 year old. xD
  28. ...Is the date of my birthday. 
  29. I don't have an e-reader which sucks because most publishers are turning to 'paperless publishing'. -_-
  30. I use Twitter far too much.
  31. I despise Justin Bieber and One Direction. Sorry. :/
  32. My personality is kind of weird, because I'm mainstream in some ways but not mainstream in others? I don't even know if that makes, I love some mainstream music but I also like old stuff like Pink Floyd and Nirvana...:P
  33. CATCHING. FIRE. IS. OUT. IN. NOVEMBER. That's not even a fact about me but OMG.
  34. For my IGCSEs I'm taking Business Studies, Childcare, History and Geography, along with the core subjects.
  35. I'm half French and apparently I descend from Irish people. Does that make me...Frishlish? What an awesome word I just created.
  36. I've only ever met one author (Cathy Cassidy) but several times. She's lovely, by the way!
  37. I've always wondered why Tippex isn't the same colour as paper? Our world allows us to make amazing pieces of technology, yet we can't even get the colour of Tippex right...-_-
  38. It really annoys me when I get a review request starting with 'Dear blogger' or 'Dear Long Bookshelf'. Um hello, that isn't even my name...
  39. I'm a Shadowhunter. Don't know what that means? Silly little Mundane.
  40. I'm a Witch at Hogwarts. Don't know what that means? Silly little Muggle.
  41. People think my hair is black but it's actually really dark brown. Well, it was purple and now it's faded to blue but it's usually dark brown...
  42. I got all A*s in my End of Y9 Exams which was unexpected. o.O Still can't believe it.
  43. I like making other people happy.
  44. VW Campers are awesome.
  45. I wanna go to Los Angeles. Now. Please. :P
  46. In 10 years me, Sophie and Rita are going to the Library Hotel in NYC whilst we attend BEA. Yep. #IWish.
  47. For some reason people on the Internet think I'm really confident but I'm not, I'm really shy. :P
  48. I say ASDFGHJKL a lot. It's practically my motto.
  50. Did you know that when you write something and then put a ;) on the end of it, it sounds really wrong? ;)
Yaaay, the 50 Facts About Me tag has officially made it's way into the book blogging world! I'm going to tag six people, but only do it if you want to! :)


  1. Woop woop! Brilliant 50 Facts, cannot believe you don't like tea D:
    I will be doing this, have no idea who I'll tag but I will be doing this.
    I think there will be some Twitter Ukulele lessons at some point in the future. Yes. Plan.
    Zoë x

    1. Thanks Zoe! Ew, tea *shudder* Looking forward to reading your tag! Twitter Ukulele lessons should totally be a thing. :P x

  2. Love this! I think 8 is discalculia and I think I have it too :/

    1. That's it! I always forget what it's called. Thanks for your comment, Maya ^_^

  3. I AM MENTIONED....YAYYYYYYYYY!! Great post! I think I may do this as well and be a tag rebel :p

  4. 8) Is Discalculia. I agree with you on 31.
    I'm also taking History for one of my GCSE's but I'm also doing Art and Music as well. Damm, you're two months older than me :)

    Holly x

    1. I was going to take Art and Music too but I had to choose other subjects in the end. And yay, I'm finally older than someone that I know! xD

  5. Amazing post (apart from the hating One Direction.. I think I'll just ignore that).
    Love your blog, maybe you can visit mine's?
    Thanks, Anisa.

  6. Thank you for tagging me, Amber! This is a tag I'm definitely going to do - and sadly, I really LOVE tea and am British! I will forever be nagging you for Graphics! This was such fun to read!

    1. You're welcome! Hehe I don't understand why most British people love tea so much. :D Thanks Sophie!

  7. Sour Cream and Onion Pringles must have been made from God's hands because they are delicious. Can I come to BEA too! SHADOWHUNTER FTW, but you know that don't you :) I loved reading this and can I say, AMBER YOUR AWESOME. Hehe

  8. I has not been tagged but I shall do it anyway because it's awesome :P PRINGLES! WITCH! Yeah, k. Byeee! :D

  9. WOW! Hello fellow nerd of the Internet. Granted, you posted this last year, but I see we have a lot in common. VW campers are a beautiful asset to life and Fandoms and Cathy Cassidy and....... the lists are endless. So, I thought I would leave you a comment, fellow Shadowhunter, to say hello and that your blog is fantastic. C: x