Thursday, 22 August 2013

Roller Girls: Hell's Belles by Megan Sparks

Title: Roller Girls: Hell's Belles
Author: Megan Sparks
Published by: Curious Fox
Publication date: 18th July 2013
Pages: 208
Genres: Young Adult/Sports/Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Ladies, get your lippy and your skates on!

Annie Turner's roller derby team, the Liberty Belles, is finally on a winning streak. Full of confidence, the girls plan a Halloween bout with the High Rollers, their tough and cheeky arch-rivals. There'll be costumes, gruesome make-up and plenty of trash talk to look forward to. But when Annie's crush asks her to a Halloween dance on the same night, she finds herself torn between her girls and her man.

Will Annie's first American Halloween turn out to be more 'trick' than 'treat'?

After reading the first book in the series Falling Hard (review here), I had very high expectations of this one, and it didn't disappoint!

In this book we see the lead up to Halloween for Annie, Lexie, Jesse, Tyler and everyone else in Illinois. I loved reading about the American Halloween preparations because Halloween just isn't that big of an event for us in the UK. Annie has become a character that I genuinely care about and I think that shows how good the author is.

But this book was also a bit frustrating because *spoiler alert* WHY AREN'T ANNIE AND JESSE TOGETHER YET. WHY?! THEY ARE SO PERFECT AND JUST UGH IF THEY DON'T GET TOGETHER IN THE NEXT BOOK I'LL....EAT MY HAT. OR SOMETHING. *spoiler over* 

I am really looking forward to reading the next two books because they are so lovely and I can't get enough of it! Sorry this review is so short but I expressed all of my love for these books in the other review and this book has put me in a bit of a book hangover. I'm sad because the book is over but in awe because the writing is so perfect! Seriously, if you haven't read this/aren't planning to read this, why not?!

This is a book you will fangirl over. If you're looking for a more coherent review, read this one that I wrote about the first book. Obviously I'm giving this book 5/5! LOVED IT.


  1. Hey Amber! Great review, but I didn't expect anything less. As you know, I think you're awesome ^_^. This series actually looks really good, I didn't request it as I thought it looked a bit young for me, but if a 15yr old likes it, I definitely should! :D

    Charli x

    1. Aw thank you Charli! You are also incredibly awesome. xD I think you'd love it! (Although I'm 14, not 15. I'll be 15 in October. ;)) x

  2. This sounds really good! I haven't heard of it before, but I shall definatly keep me eye out for it in book shops now :) Lovely review and love your blog. New follower :) xox

    Helena @